Jeremiah Pearsall Cemetery

Duplin County, NC

Surveyed by Lillian and Pearl Houston November 2011

The following is a complete listing of the tombstones in the Jeremiah Pearsall Cemetery in Duplin County, NC.

Location on Kirby Quinn Road (SR# 1515) off of N Ward Bridge road (SR#1300) on Kirby Quinn Road (SR # 1515) 2 miles on the left turn on a path with a sign that reads N. & T. Whitfield Farm. Very overgrown.

Due to Hurricane Irene and bad weather we were unable to move some of the trees and limbs

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    GPS Coordinates:
    35.02961 N
    77.89197 W

    The epitaphs are as follows:

    Dear Little Dickie Son of D. M. and R. J. Pearsall Died Sep 29 1868 Aged 1 year, 10 months and 11 days Bryan Son of Needham W and Julia K. Herring Died Dec 7 1855 Aged 4 years 4 months 4 days Darling Little Julia Haywood Daughter of D. L. and R. J. Pearsall Died Nov 24 1872 D. M. Pearsall May 18 1831 Jun 4 1894 Unreadable Stone Broken Stone NOI Broken Stone NOI Unmarked Stone Unmarked Stone Sarah A. Carr And her infant babe Wife of James B. Carr And only daughter of Hugh and Margaret Pearsall Jan 26 1835 Sep 2 1855 Broken Stone NOI Lucy Jane Wife of D. Gillespie M. D Died Nov 8 1848 In her 46th year Anne Pearsall Died Nov 4 1837 Aged 62 years Joseph D. Pearsall Died Aug 28 1828 Aged 25 years and 6 months Hugh Pearsall Died Aug 13 1839 Aged 34 years Margaret Maxwell Wife of Hugh Pearsall Died Jun 9 1890 Aged 76 years Henry Clay Infant son of J & K. Pearsall Died May 23 1837 James J. Son of James and Ann Pearsall NOI Amanda Daughter of James and Ann Pearsall NOI Anna R. Daughter of D. B. and Z. P. Nicholson Jul 30 1851 Mar 18 1852 Rev. James L. Nicholson Feb 13 1814 Apr 21 1851 Member NC Conference M. E. Church South Embraced religion 1832 became a Minister 1839 Aged 38 years 2 mos & 8 days Nancy E. Nicholson May 12 1828 Apr 16 1855 Jeremiah Pearsall Jan 21 1800 Aug 5 1871 Katherine Wife of Jeremiah Pearsall Died Dec 5 1855 Aged 50 years Julia K. Wife of Dr. Needham W. Herring Oct 19 1824 Apr 6 1854 Aged 29 years 5 mos & 17 days Rev. D. B. Nicholson Member of the N. C. conference M. E. Church South Feb 1 1809 Apr 15 1866 M. Susan Daughter of Jere Pearsall Esq Wife of Dr. E. W. Ward Aug 31 1838 Sep 28 1858 Dear Little Kitty Youngest child of J. and K. Pearsall Died Aug 29 1852 In her 5th year

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