Will of William McCurdy Jr ~ 1838

Transcribed by Joan S Dunn

  Source: Duplin Court Written: February 20, 1838 Recorded: April 1838 Will of WILLIAM MCCURDY, JR. of Duplin County Written 20 Feb. 1838 Probated April Term 1838 To JOHN and HENRY WINDERS, sons of HENRY WINDERS, all my land with exception of one acre for graves site To IRY D. HINES and LOTTY HINES, heirs of NANCY MCCURDY, former wife of DANIEL HINES, each $50. To CATHARINE, daughter of JAMES WINDERS, deceased, a Negro Girl CITTY; To ALMIRER, daughter of JAMES WINDERS, a negro girl HAGER. To MARY ANN, daughter of WILLIAM NEWTON, a negro man, BALAAM. To SALLY, daughter of ZEBEDEE HOLLENSWORTH, a negro woman, BETTY To JOHN, son of JAMES HILL, a negro boy, LIAZ To WILLIAM, son of HENRY WINDERS, a negro boy, MOSES To ELIZER, daughter of ZEBEDEE HOLLENSWORTH, a negro boy, BEN A negro woman, CLARRY to be sold with all my other property. To JOHN L. HILL $100 out of proceeds of above sale. To ELIZER HOLLENSWORTH, JOHN HURST, CHARLES HURST AND HENRY, the son of HOLOWAY HODGES, proceeds of balance of sale (minus $100). Executor: Friend, JOHN L. HILL Witnesses: B. H. WILLIAMS; HARRIS LANIER

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