Will of William Dunkan ~ 1806

Transcribed by Joan S Dunn

  WILL BOOK (CR.035.801.4/A-121-Dept of NC Archives, Raleigh, NC). 7 October, 1806 - October Term 1806. To my son Edmond Dunkan 250 acres on both sides of No East including the plantation I bought of Joel Sasser and between George Dunkan and John Kornegay as far out from the swamp as will make that compliment. To my son Jacob dunkan 250 acres of land and plantation on which he now lives joining John Kornegay's upper line and bounded on the upper part by ... near the foot way that crosses George Kornegay's plantation he bought of Jesse Reaves, thence across the No East to a corner of the Bass land, thence ... the No East Pecoson. To my son william Dunkan 250 acres above Jacob's, up the No East to opposite a cross fence through the Bass plantation, thence ... with Jacob's line to the back line near the Pecoson. To my son Isaac Dunkan 250 acres on the south side of the No East at the mouth of a branch that makes out of Thunder Swamp Pecoson, to a corner of my old patent land, thence along a line between me and James Johnston, to corner of my old line which is also a corner of the Gray Patent now belonging to Francis Oliver, to the No East Pecoson. To my son Stephen Dunkan the land I bought of William Harris. Residue of land including the plantation I live on to my beloved wife Anne Dunkan for her natural life and then to be equally divided between my three youngest sons Lewis, Joseph and John Charles. I also leave to my said wife 4 Negroes Jim, Charles, Mary and Hannah, three feather beds and firniture, one Desk, two chests, two Tables, six siting Chairs, the Bofat and firniture, Kitchen firniture, 6 cows and calves, my lill mare and 2 year old Horse Colt, one Riding Chair and harness, 40 head of Hogs, 100 barrels of Corn, and fodder sufficient for her stock, during her natural life, and she to raise and school my younger children in their minority. to my daughter Elizabeth Bourden negro girl Lucey now in her possession and all the other things I have given her which I estimate at $200. to my daughter Rochsellaery Chery negro girl Jenny now in her possession and about $200 worth of other property which she has received. To my daughter Catharine Pipkin negro girl Dinah now in herpossession and the other things now in her possession estimated at $140. To my daughter Anne negro girl Tener, 1 Feather Bed and firniture. To my daughter Sarah negro boy Harry, 1 Feather Bed and firniture. My son Edmund has received of me what I estimate at $140; son Jacob has received of me what I estimate at $152. Residue to be sold and money appropriated ... lands devised to sons to be estimated and also the Negros and beds willed to my younger daughters, and then the rest made equal; after my wife's decease the land be sold and equally divided among all my children, and as my wife is now pregnent if she should be delivered of a living child, it should (whether son or daughter) be made equal with the rest of my children. Extrs. wife Anne Dunkan, eldest son Edmund Dunkan. Wit. Fran R. Oliver, John Roberts, William Dunkan Junr. Proved October term 1806 on oaths of Francis Oliver and John Roberts; Edmond Dunkan qualified as executor.

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