Will of Samuel Davis

Transcribed by Carolyn Shank

  Source: Duplin County Written: May 21, 1838 Recorded: September 1838 WILL OF SAMUEL DAVIS Written May 21, 1838 Probated October Court 1838 To my wife, CATHARINE - home plantation and land on north side of Matthews Branch consisting of 900 acres; Negro, CHLOE, a bed, furniture, horse, harness, tools, horses, cattle, hogs, sheep for life-time. To my daughter, ELIZABETH PIPKIN - $10 and property previously given to her To my son, CALVIN - $10 and property previously given to him. To my son, JAMES P. - stock already given to him and bed and furniture. To my daughter, HEPSZIBAH ADELIA JERMAN, negroes AMA, TENOR and JOE, property already given. To my sons, SETH and IRA - Towerhill Plantation, lands on Burncoat and Sutton Branch being about 1,000 acres and negroes: PETER, LANEY and ELF; two beds and furniture; $100 when IRA reaches age of 21. To my son: JOHN EDWARD T. - the land lend his mother (900 acres) and negroes: BILL, ROBBIN, MARTHA; bed & furniture; $50. To five daughters: NANCY, WINIFRED, EMMA, MARIA C. and SEPHRONIA E. - NEGROES: ISAAC; ARON; BOBB; ROSE; PHILLIS, LIZZA; HANNA; LUCINDA; RICHMON; EDIE; JENNY; HENRY, when each comes of age and each a bed and furniture. Executors: son, JAMES P. DAVIS ; JAMES H. JERMAN Witnesses: HEPZIBAH TUTLE, J. E. SWINSON SAMUEL (X) DAVIS This will is not to be copied and posted on any other site!

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