Will of Rachel Davis ~ 1828

Transcribed by Joan S Dunn

  HEIRS OF RACHEL DAVIS Abstract of the Will of Rachel Davis - Duplin County WILL of Rachel Davis - 27 Nov 1828 - to my brother Windal Davis, Sr.; Zachariah Davis; sisters Elizabeth Dobson, Jane Davis; brother Windal's oldest son Samuel; grandchildren of Susannah Stanley - all get l/6 part of money from sale of my property; also to Mary Williams, Ann Circy Leary and her heirs; heirs of Catherine Taylor; Alcy Albertson's heirs; Nancy Lawson's heirs; heirs of Malachi Davis; and to Susannah Stanly's adopted children - all get 50 cents each The following record is from Duplin County, N.C. Equity Minute and Execution Docket, stack file number C. R. 035.314, page 87, N. C. State Archives. The actual list of the heirs is on a separate piece of paper attached to the page which makes one wonder if this was added later. Rachel, the daughter of James and Catherine Blythers/Blylor ? Davis actually lived in Lenoir County according to the census although several transactions can be found for her in the Duplin Records including her Will. Some of the spouses of her sisters are known - Janet or Jane never married and lived in Lenoir County, Alsey married an unknown Albertson and probably lived in Duplin County, Nancy married an unknown Lawson and probably lived in Lenoir County, Ann Civil married Cornelius Leary and lived in Lenoir County, Elizabeth (Betsy) married Hezekiah Dobson and lived in Duplin County, and Catherine (Catey) married John Taylor and lived in Lenoir County. In addition she probably had a sister Mary who married an unknown Williams and lived in Lenoir and had no heirs, and a sister Susannah who married an unknown Stanly and had no heirs. She may have also had a sister who married Richard Prescott and moved to Georgia but they had no heirs. Both Mary and Susannah were deceased when Rachel died. At a Court of Equity held for the County of Duplin on the fourth Monday in March 1849 the Honorable William H. Battle Presiding the following Rules and orders were made Zachariah Davis and others Ex Parte Petition for Sale of Real Estate. Heirs of Rachel Davis dec Janet Davis Zach Davis - Christian, James H., Sarget, Malachi, John, Zachariah, Polly, Thomas, Charity, Benjamin, Betsy Windal Davis - Samuel, John, James, Windal, Polly, Sally, Nancy, Betsey Malachi Davis - Malichi, Katey, Alsey, Betsey Alsey Albertson - Polly, Kitty Nancy Lawson - Christopher, David, Betsey, James Civil Leary - Job, Suckey, Stanley Betsy Dobson - James, John, Perry, Sally, Alcey Catey Taylor - Serena, James, Windal, Edwin, Winnie, Betsey

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