Miscellaneous Duplin County Will Abstracts

Transcribed by Joan S Dunn

  # 19 (Page 51, SS 887 Inventories 1749-1754) 496-(26) Paul Payntor inventory Included was the sloop Thomas and Mary. Examined in Beaufort Co. by William Ormond CC; present were John Barrow, Robert Boyd, and Abraham Duncan. Sale of estate by James Ellison. Buyers: Price Carnet Francis Kipps George Sugg John Hamilton 149. DUNCAN, EDMOND (CR.035.801.4/A-108) 13 Sep 1799 - Oct Term 1799 wife GRACE 1 Horse Bridle and Saddle; sons WILLIAM, EDMOND & GEORGE and dau. ANNA REAVES 5 shillings each and no more; the Ofspring of my dau. SARAH ROACH dec'd to have no part of my Estate; Carpenters and Turners Tools sold to pay debts; residue of my Estate to my wife during her natural Life or Widowhood then to daus. MARY BROWN, GRACE DUNCAN & CATRON REAVES extrs: sons EDMOND & GEORGE wit: REUBIN (sign) WESTON, ZACHARIAH (sign) HARRIS signed: Edmond Duncan 150. DUNCAN, ISAAC (CR.035.801.4/A-127) 15 Oct 1793 - Oct Term 1793 wife SUCKE all my oveble property with all my stock, all household goods and working tools likewise all my lands and plantation for her life then all property to be sold and money divided amongst brothers WILLIAM, EDMUND & GEORGE extrs: brothers WILLIAM & GEORGE wit: SARA (sign) ROACH, CHARLOTTEY (sign) ROACH signed: Isaac Duncan 151. DUNKAN, WILLIAM (CR.035.801.4/A-121) 7 Oct 1806 - Oct Term 1806 son EDMOND 250 acres on both sides of No East including the planation I bought of JOEL SASSER & between GEORGE DUNCAN & JOHN KORNEGAY; son JACOB 250 acres of land & plantation on which he now lives Joining JOHN KORNEGAY near the foot way that crosses GEORGE KORNEGAY's plantation he bought of JESSE REAVES, the corner of the Bass land, the N. E. Pecoson; son WILLIAM 250 acres above JACOB's adj. the Pecoson and a cross fence thro the Bass plantation; son ISAAC 250 acres on the south side of the No Et at the mouth of a branch that makes out of Thunder Swamp Pecoson adj. JAMES JOHNSTON, the Gray Patent now belonging to FRANCIS OLIVER; son STEPHEN the land I bought of WILLIAM HARRIS; wife ANNE residue of land including the plantation I live on for her natural life and then to be equally divided between my three youngest sons LEWIS, JOSEPH & JOHN CHARLES, also negroes Jim, Charles, Mary & Hannah, three feather beds & firniture, one Desk, two Chests, two Tables, six siting Chairs, the Bofat and firniture, Kitchen firniture, 6 Cows and Calves, my lill mare & 2 year old Horse Colt, one Riding Chair & Harness, 40 heads of Hogs, 100 barrels of Corn & she to raise & school my youngest children in their minority; dau. ELIZABETH BOURDEN negro Lucey abd all the other things I have given her which I estimate at $200; dau. ROCHSELLAERY CHRRY (?) negro Jenny and About $200 worth of other property which she has received; dau. CATHARINE PIPKIN negro Dinah, all the other things I have given her which I estimate at $140; dau. ANNE negro Tener, 1 Feather Bed and firniture; son EDMUND has received of me what I estimate at $140; son JACOB has received of me what I estimate at $150 extrs: wife ANNE, eldest son EDMUND wit: FRAN. R. OLIVER, JOHN ROBERTS, WILLIAM DUNKAN JUNR. signed: William Dunkan 152. DUNKIN, JACOB (CR.035.801.4/A-133) 7 Apr 1812 - Jul Term 1812 wife FANNY Land and plantaion where I now liv, the hole of my houshold & Kithen furneture, 2 yong Mars, Riding Chear & Hunting Saddle, the hole of my stock of Hogs & Sheep, fore Cous & Calvs or yearlings, one Heifer, my Cart, all my plantation tools, one Bar of Iron, what Sault I have by meat this time, & negro Jinny During her natural Life or as long as she shal live a widdo & she to Rase and School my Children to Read and Write & my Suns to Sipher; at her death bulk of property to be Sold and money divided between fore children JAMES, CULLIN, LUKE & SUSANNA extrs: LAML. CHERREY, OEN CONNELEY wit: LAML CHERREY, RUBEN (sign) JOHNSON, STEPHEN DUNKAN signed: Jacob Dunkan >From # 6 459. SHEPARD, THOMAS JR. (CR.035.801.10/2-59) wife MARY JANE land on the Newbern road at DAVID SPOUTHERLANDs line to the black smith shop, round the negro graveyard to the Kenansville Road to LEBEUS MIDDLETONs line to Forlaws line to STEPHEN HERRINGs line up the branch to DAVID I. SOUTHERLAND's including my dwelling and all out buildings at the cros x roads, thirty barrels of corn, twelve hundred lbs of bacon or eighteen hundred ilc of pork, two hundred pounds of lard, two barrels of flour, sixty pounds of coffee, one hundred pounds of Sugar as her Years provisions, all my household & kitchen furniture, two ploughs, two Grub hoes, two weed hoes, two axes, 2 iron wedges, four cows & calves, 2 Sows and pigs, 6 ews & lambs, 1 cart or waggon, one horse, 1 Buggy & harness, negroes Boston & Julia; dau. MARY ARMSTRONG (*note wife of Isham)negroes Louis, Joe & little Ben; grandau. GEORGEETTE SHEPARD One Hundred dollars when she shall arrive at the age of 21 years; dau. CATHERINE KELLY negroes Liberty. Jenny Ann & big Ben; dau. CAROLINE SOUTHERLAND negroes Louisa, Augustus & Isham; son THOMAS E. negro PETER & my blacksmith tools; infant dau. SARAH ELLIS negroes Randolp & Mary, six hundred Dollars, negroes Julia & Boston, household and Kitchen furniture; executors ISAAC B. KELLY and DAVID I. SOUTHERLAND Land I purchased of JAMES LAWHORN in trust for my dau. ANN WHITFIELD and her children [not named] not to be subject to the payment of any debts of her husband THOMAS W. WHITFIELD; children of ANN WHITFIELD a note of hand on DAVID SOUTHERLAND of six Hundred Dollars; residue of my property withnegro Old Mary to be sold and land not included in my wife's dower be rented out & the money applyed to the raising schooling & clothing of my infant dau. SARAH ELLIS extrs: ISAAC B. KELLY, DAVID I. SOUTHERLAND wit: STEPHEN GRAHAM, D. GILLESPIE signed: Thos. Shepard Codicil; 26 Oct 1850 In as much as my Wife is pregnant the negroes I gave my dau. SARAH ELLIS with a note of ahand of Six Hundred dollars on JOHN CARR & JOHN GREEN and fifteen hundred Dollars bee divided between my dau. SARAH ELLIS and my child unborn wit: STEPHEN GRAHAM signed: Thos Shepard Codicil: 27 Jan 1851 In as much as I have another child born I revoke the codicil of 26 Oct. `850 and will that the negroes I gave my dau. SARAH ELLIS with a note of hand of six hundred Dollars on JOHN GREEN & JOHN CARR and one thousand Dollars be equally divided between my daus. SARAH ELLIS & CHARLOTTE on their arriving at the age of twenty One Years wit: D. GILLESPIE, STEPHEN GRAHAM signed: Thos. Shepard 101. CHAMBERS, CHARLES (CR.035.801.3/3-44) 25 Aug 1858 - Jan Term 1862 son DAVID FRANCIS all my Lands on Goshen including the plantation whereon I now live & a Small piece bought from JAMES PEARSALL, 1 Bed and furniture, 1 Horse, negro Joe; dau. ELIZA SHEPARD & her dau. MARY negroes Jinny & Eveline, 1 Bed and furniture which they have heretofore received; dau. MARGARET MURRAY & her Children [not named] negroes Mareah & Rachel, one Bed & firniture which they have heretofore received; Dau. MARY JANE WILLIAMS & her children [not named] negro Sally & her children Edgar, Kate, John & an infant name not Known, One Bed and furniture, $630 now in her possession; daus. DOLLY & SUSAN a Share of my Negroes each Equal in value to the portion given my daus. MARGARET & ELIZA; remainder of negroes to be divided into 4 lots and drawn by MARGARET MURRAY, DOLLY EDWARDS, SUSAN CHAMBERS and son DAVID F. in trust for my dau. ELIZA & her dau. MARY extrs: friend JAMES DICKSON & son DAVID F. wit: JOSEPH PEARSALL, JERE PEARSALL signed: Charles (sign) Chambers 104. CHESNUTT, GAVIN L. (CR.035.801.3/2-97) Note: could Mary J. below be the Mary Jane, wife of Thomas Shepard (not the one that witnessed this Will)? 12 Nov 1855 - Jan Term 1856 wife ANN 2 cows, 1 Horse Cart, my beds, bed-clothing, House-hold & kitchen furniture, cooking utinsils, 17 1/2 acres with the House I now live in Known as the Fussell Place and at her death to my children JOHN K., GRANTUM F.,EDWARD G. MARY J., NANCY E. & SARAH W.; 2 lots in the town of Stricklandsville containing 1/2 acres each & 2 Horse Carts sold to pay debts & surplus divided among my several children; Barden lot to be divided and sold seperately extr: friend THOMAS S. FAISON wit: B. WHITEHEAD, THOS. E. SHEPARD signed: Gavin L. (signed) Chesnutt 449. ROUSE, Phillip (CR.035.801.10/A-415) 10 Oct 1784 - Oct Court 1784 son MARTAIN one horse, bridle and Sadle and gun, twenty five head of Cattle Consisting of Cows, Calves and other young Cattle, ten head of sheep, two kittles, two falling axes, one bed and furnerture, two basens and seven plates with all my Stock of hogs more or less, one hand mill, one pair of Iren Wegges, one plow; ELIZABETH my youngest Daughter two Cows and Calves, six new plats, one set of tea Cups and sosers, one feather bed and furnerture, one fring pan, one mug extr: not named wit: EPHRAIM GARRASON, ADONIJAH GARRISON signed Phillip (sign) Rouse PRESSELLAH MURPHY one pot, one bason, two plats; BARBARY SHEPARD one shilling starling 486. THOS SHEPARD witnessed the Will of SAML. STANFORD, SENR., 10 May 1833 553. WILLIAMS, GEORGE (CR.035.801.12/A-520) 11 Sep 1816 - Apr Term 1817 wife TABITHA negroes Kit, Jum, Amos & Lettice, one Fetherbed, all the household & kitchen furniture, plantation tools, all the Horses, Cattle & Hogs, every other kind of Stock; son JACOB & daus. MOURNING SHEPPARD, PATSEY BEST, MARY HARRIS, & grandau. MARY dau. of HENRY STOAKES negroes left to wife; grandau. MARY dau. of TEMPERANCE one Featherbed; grandson ROBERT son of ABSALOM BEST one Featherbed extrs: GEORGE E. HOUSTON, EDWARD WILLIAMS wit: JOHN PEARSALL, WILLIAM HARRIS signed: George Williams 261. JAMES, JAMES (CR.035.801.6/A-227) 14 Mar 1790 - Oct Term 1796 son THOMAS E. all the Lands I purchased for JAMES PEARSALL amounting in the whole to 355 acres; son GABRIEL H. land I purchased from ALEXANDER DICKSON & plantation & Land Known by the name of Pearce's place; wife MARY I will that she live at the Cross rodes, The Mantion House ot run ovr to the place called the Cool spring (at her Option); wife MARY and children MARY TEACHEY, THOMAS E., ELIZABETH, DORETHY, ANN, GABRIEL HOLMES, REBECCA & CATHERINE R. my whole estate of negroes; negro Sall to live with my children in her old age and they to give her comfortable food & Clothing suitable for her age; wife MARY all my Household furniture, stock of every Kind & plantation Tools, negro Judy; friend THOMAS SHEPARD 20 Silver Dollars 2 years after my death; one dollar be given to the Daughter of JAMES BAILEY of Bladen County, sd. BAILEY was formerly a merchant at Had park extrs: wife MARY, friends JEREMIAH PEARSALL, JAMES CARR, GABRIEL HOLMES wit: THOS. ROUTLEDGE SENR, WILLIAM JOHNSTON, JOSEPH JOHNSTON signed: James James 387. NEATHERCUT, LOFTIN (CR.035.801.9) 11 Jan 1842 - Jul Term 1844 wife NANCY during her natural lifetime the lands & premises whereon I now reside Beginning in Anthonys branch at the mouth of a short drain, to the main road, to Cow hole, the head of the long pond, G. F. NEATHERCUTs corner, all the peroshable property which I may die possessed of; daus. BETSEY & ELIZA two calves & cows each; son GEORGE F. five dollars in addition to what I have given him; son JOHN H. five dollars in addition to what I have given him; son MARSHALL MONEY two cows and calves; dau. CHARITY BARFIELD five dollars in addition to what I have given her; daus. BETSEY, ELIZA, TEMMY & KITTY all may landsl ying on the great branch adjoining MERRIT BARFIELD, all my money, all the debts due me, my perishable property of every kind at the death of my wife extr: son GEORGE F. wit: J.H. JARMAN, A.O. GRADY signed: Loftin (sign) Neathercut >From # 6 EDWARD BOWEN: nothing PETER CARLTON: (had land adj. a tract mentioned in the Sep 1822 Will of Beesley, Austin)19. ........son AUSTIN land on North Side of Millers creek & a survey of 50 acres bought of DENIS CANNON adj. PETER CARLTON; extrs: good friends BIBSON SLOAN, LEWIS CARLTON, wife MARY ABRAHAM NEWTON: 233. HIGHSMITH, JOHN (CR.035.801.6/3-125) 25 Aug 1858 - 4 Sep 1867 wife SARAH 497 acres whereon I reside for & during the term of her natural life purchased of BRYAN LEE & ABRAM NEWTON; adopted grdau. ELIZABITH CAROLINE, wife of OLIVER M. MATHEWS land after wife's decease, negro Lucy age 9 yrs extr: adopted grson OLIVER M. MATHEWS wit: W. R. WARD, BRYAN WILLIAMS signed: John (sign) Highsmith will was proved in open court by GEORGE F. DEMPSEY, JOHN J. WHALEY, JONAS BOYETTE, RUFUS BENTON, JACOB BOSTICK, JAMES L. PIGFORD, WILLIAM H. MILLER, WILLIAM THOMAS, BLANET WILLIAMS, D. T. MCMILLAN, WM. D. PEARSALL, JESSE B. SOUTHERLAND 393. NEWTON, SARAH (CR.035.802.9/A-364) 3 May 1821 - Oct Term 1821 son ABRAHAM one feather bed and firneture to be left with my son WILLIAM till ABRAHAM comes for it; grandau. ELIZABETH my yong Hors, one Cow and calf, one feather bed & firniture, one woolling whel, one chiesh, one bed stead, one small pott; son WILLIAM my marand colt and hunting saddle, all my stock of Hoggs; grandau. CLARY MARIA TATOM one Heifer three years old; grandau. SARAANN TATOM one feather bed and firniture and stead; daus. ELIZABETH TATOM and SARAH HIGHSMITH my bofat and table firniture; grandau. ELIZAHELA one ewe & lam; Horse I gave to my grandau. ELIZAHELA be sold and the money kept out on intrest extrs: Brother JAMES NEWTON. ALFRED WARD wit: MARY POWELL, DUNKIN BELL signed: Sarah Newton FREDERICK RIVENBARK: witnessed the Will of Thomas Jernigan on 16 Mar 1786 >From # 6 pg.220. HALL, THOMAS (CR.035.801.5/A-193) 5 Jul 1764 - no probate wife RACHOL my plantation whereon I now Dwel untill my son DAVID Shall arrive at the full age of 21 with all Houshold Good & tools for Labour apartaining; all my Stock, money & Debts to be Equaly Divided a mongst my Dear Children ELIZABETH, ELINOR, MARY, JEMIMA, NANSAY, SIVIL, DAVID & LUCRESA extrs: wife RACHEL, brother-in-law JOHN GOUFF wit: HENRY HOLLINGSWORTH, ELIZABETH (sign) GOUFF signed: Thomas Hall Duplin Co.Wills, 1730-1860 by Wm Murphy. pg86. 276a. JONES,ELIJAH (3-69) 11 Aug 1858- Jan Term 1863. Wife ESTHER all of my property both real and personal: dau. NANCY one hundred and forthy acres to be cut off at the south end of my land adjoining STEPHEN B WINDERS; son JOEL the balance and residueof my land; dau. MARY GRIMES negroes George and Hester; dau NANCY negroes Betsy and Hannah; son JOEL negroes Harry and Rachel and Isham, my coopers tools, carpenters tools, and my farming tools; after the death of my wife my stock of horses,cattle, hogs and sheep together with my household and kitchen fyrniture sold and dau. NANCY to have one hundred dollars and the remainder equally divided between dau. MARY GRIMES and son JOEL. extr son JOEL wit: D.JONES, C.Y.F. JONES, signed: E. JONES CODICIL : 23 Mar 1860 dau. NANCY one bed with its necessary furniture,seventy five dollars to buy her a horse, my large Bible with her school books; son JOEL young mare Pink, one saddle and bridle, one feather bed and its necessary furniture, his school books; remainder of my beds and their furniture devided between my two daughters and son after wifes death. Wit: D.JONES signed E.JONES. (Son-In-Law of William Bright) Duplin Co.,Wills pg 86 # 277 JONES, ELISHA (cr.035.801.6) 14 Mar 1840- Apr Term 1840 son DANIEL negro Stephen & the Peter Parker land: son ELIJAH negroes Rachel,Harry & Bet; son MATTHEW negro Moses; MATTHEW'S children negro Ester; son JOEL negroes Isham & Edea; dau. SALLY SULIVAN negroes Hannah&Penney & her last two children; dau MARY CREECH & her children negroes Hester & Allen; dau ZIPHA JONES & her children negroes Lucy &her child & Jack; dau NANCY PRICE & her children negroes Marenda& Ned; sons ELIJAH & JOEL land and Plantation whereon i now live including the Plantition where ELIJAH JONES now lives; son MATTHEW $100: residue equally divided between all my children. extrs: sons DANIEL & ELIJAH Wit: DANIEL PARKER, J. SWINSON signed ELISHA JONES. N.C. Militia, Private ,Pension # S 7084 W Wayne Co.His pension was granted and he was placed on the Duplin Co.,record. Source Will Bk of Duplin co.,NC. 230. Herring, Stephen, 21 Sep 1797--Oct Term 1797, Plantation wheron I now live & the lands adj. be equally divided by a line from the main run of Goshen Swamp by the the new Wisefield? to the back line of my son Stephen Bright, have the lowerpart Adj. Hodge's line and my son Alexander to have the other part including the houses except for a life right to my wife Sarah, negroes Cesar, Bet, Agge? and Ned to remain with my wife, wife sarah to have use of all my household furniture, tools and stock for her natural life; dau. Alethea Harrell , Negro Ned; remainder of the property, stock and negroes loaned to my wife be divided betweeen my gr-sons, Elisha the son of Samuel Herring & the children of Althea Harrell; son Samuel 5 shillings sterling; dau. Althea Harrell 5 shillings sterling, dau, Caty Croom 5 shillings sterling; children of Caty Croom negro Jim; children of my dau. Sally Glisson deced. former wife of Daniel Glisson to have 2 negroe girls about 14 and 8 yrs old to be purchased for them by my son Stephen B; grson Bryan Glisson the young bay mare which I formerly gave him; dau Pearsis Glisson negro Jenny and her children, her first child Jack to go to Sally Glisson, her first living child to Henry Glisson, her second living child to Charity Glisson, her third living child to Hettie Glisson; son Stephen Bright negroes Bob and Davy; dau Nancy New negro Allen and a negro girl about 8 yrs old to be purchased by my son Alexander and she to have the use of negro Fillis until girl is delivered; Son Alexander negroes Squire, Cate and Fillis,1 featherbed and furniture, 1 young sorrel horse. Extrs: Sons Stephen Bright and Alexdr Wit: Wm Dickson, James Stewart (?) Willis Herring, Sarah Croom Signed Stephen Herring

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