Will of John Ward

Submitted by Carolyn Shank

  Source: Personal Record Written: 1839 Will of John Ward of Duplin, N.C. 1 Nov. 1828 - Probated Oct. Term 1839 To wife FRANCES - negroes BRADICK, MARY, HANNAH, FILLES, two feather beds, bedsteads, furniture; two horses, Maryann & Pat; one Riding Chair and harness; six cows and calves; six sows and pigs; fifteen head of sheep; a cart; one yoke of oxen; six plows; two pair of geer, the plantation where on I now live on the Northwest side of the Mill branch with the privilege of getting rail and firewood; To daughters - CHARLOT and SUSAN - the whole of my negroes, the stock of horses with exception of the old sorrel cald Ball and the old mair Lusinda which is to be sold; the stock of cattle and sheep except one heffer to my grandson DAVID, son of JOHN SWINSON; also to daughters - the CHARLOT and SUSAN the whole of my lands containing five hundred and sixty-eight acres and the Mill to belong equally to both; and all my stock of hogs. To granddaughter, NANCY, daughter of JOHN SWINSON, all the notes and acounts I now have. Executor: DAVID HOOKS. Witness: JE. TURNAGE (Signed with mark) JOHN WARD This will is not to be copied and posted on any other site!

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