Wills of James and Mary Bizzell

Transcribed by June Spicer Fikac

Will of James Bizzell

Bizzell, James 22 May 1822- July term 1822.

Wife (not named, 3 youngest daus. Betsy, Molsey, Alesey, son Samuel, son Elijah, son James, son William, dau. Nancy Gully, dau. Sally SWINSON, dau. Caty SANDERS.

extrs: son-in-law Levi SWINSON & sons Samuel & James.


* wife not mention above , the Will below James is :

Will of Mary Bizzell

Bizzell, Mary 25 Jan.-Nov. term 1829.

Dau. Elizabeth, Dau . Molcy(sic).

Extr: son James

Wit: Samuel BIZZELL, James BIZZELL.

Notes: I wanted to add that Mary Bowden born 1765 - died November 1829 was the wife to James Bizzell. She was the daughter of Capt. Nicholas Bowden of Isle of Wight, Virginia and Elizabeth Southerland.

Notes: *Levi SWINSON was the son of Jesse & Nancy WINDERS SWINSON.

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