Will of Isaac Wright

Contributed by Jason Bourdeaux

Transcribed by Jackie Purdy

Will of Isaac Wright

Original Will

† October 4th 1861 Know all men by these present that I, Isaac Wright of the State of North Carolina and the County of Duplin do declare this to be my last Will and Testament. Item 1st. I give to my Brother David Wright and his heirs following negro slaves together with whatever increases they may have from now until my death by Sarah and Margaret, John, Ellen Gail? Dockey, Buchanan and Nancy, Sarahís children, Calvin and Calvinís wife Big Hester, Joe, Little Hester and Little Hesterís two children Harriet and William. (Item 2) I give to my Sister Eliza S. Smith one negro slave named Ransom. (Item 3) I give and bequeath all my land to my Brother Dan Wright and his heirs forever. (Item 4th) I give all my crops, both what is gathered and what is not gathered to my Brother David Wright. (Item 5th) I give my Brother David Wright all my horses cattle hogs and all other kinds of stock and also my household and kitchen furniture Wagons. Carts plows ___and all other kinds of farming implements of every description including my Buggy and Harnsh. (Item 6th) I give my gold watch and chain to my nephew Buckner Smith (Son of Sam Smith). (Item 7th) I give my gun to my nephew Samuel Smith Jr. Son of Samuel Smith, Sr. (Item 8th) I give all my Notes to my Brother David Wright and his heirs forever. (Item 9th) I appoint my Brother David Wright Executor to this my Last Will and Testament. (Item #10) I direct my Executor David Wright pay all my just debts and taxes from these properties given to him (Item 11th) I give my Stock in the Wilmington & Weldon Railroad Company left to me by my Uncle Dr. Buckner Hill deceased but still in the name of his executor to my Brother David Wright and his heirs. (Item 12th) I give all the balance of my property and estate not disposed of in the following Will and Testament and also any increases, improvements or additions that may take place in any of my property and estate between the signing of those presents (by) this last Will and Testament and the time of my death to my Brother David Wright and his heirs forever. Signed & c in the presence of __ October 4th 1861 Isaac Wright Witnesses Wm. E. Hill J P F. Hine State of North Carolina Duplin County Court October Term 1861 The foregoing paper writing perpurtring? to be the last will and testament of Isaac Wright deceased is exhibited for probate in open court by David Wright the Executor therein named and the due execution thereof by the said Isaac Wright is proved by the auth?and examination of William E. Hill and Iveress?_F. Hines the Subscribing witnesses thereunto. It is therefore considered by this court that the said proper writing and every proof thereof is the last will and testament of the said Isaac Wright and the same is ordered to be recorded and filed. And thenceforth the said David Wright executor as aforesaid duly qualifies as such by taking the oath and entering into bond as required by law. Test John I Whitehead Clk. Isaac Wrights Will Recorded October Term 1861

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