Will of Edward C. Gavin

Transcribed by June Spicer Fikac

Will of Edward C. Gavin

Gavin, Edward C. "of Sampson" 4/30/1850- 3/6/1909

 ??do not understand this date?? , maybe was refiled??.

 He had 655 and 3/4 acres of land, money arising from sale to be divided between his 4 children Samuel James, Mary Blenda SMITH, Margaret Ann HINES, and Susan Matilda PIGFORD.

one acre of land reserved on the plantation ehere the grave yard now is west of the dwelling housebetween one&two hundred yards & is called the White grave yard not to be sold; plantation on Stewarts creek ontaining 1 thousand & 27 and a half acres, to be sold and divided between huis 4 children.

 wife Charity 8 negroes(he reserved her land also).

 Had a Dau: Sally Jane Torrance.

 son Samuel James not being a man of rational mind & not capable of taking care of himself or property James B. PIGFORD to act as his guardian and manage his own business;

 dau. Margaret Ann HINES not being a woman of rational mind & not capable of taking care of herself or property William H. SMITH to act as her guardian:

 extrs to pay Margaret Ann and Wm HINES as heirs of James HINES dec'd the amt. due me as guardian to the said heirs.

 extrs: son-in-law James B. PIGFORD living in New Hanover & son-in-law- William H. SMITH living in Sampson.


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