Permission to Marry

    This information is contributed by Jackie Purdy

    Copy of a letter written August 10, 1897 from Thomas Absalom Dutton of Egypt, Effingham 
    Co. Georgia to Mr. & Mrs. Thomas Fryar of Magnolia, Duplin Co. North Carolina.
    Asking for their daughter Mattie Carroll Fryar’s hand in marriage.
    Egypt, Ga. August 10th 1897
    Mr. & Mrs. Thos Fryar
         Magnolia, N.C.
    Dear Mr. & Mrs. Fryar:
         No doubt but what this letter will be somewhat of a surprise to you all, but guess you
    are aware this Miss Mattie and myself have for several years past cared for each other, and 
    we have decided that with yours and Mama’s consent that we would be married sometime
    in September.  I have secured Mama’s and write this begging that after careful consideration 
    of what I have to say, that I may secure yours.
    Now I am aware that this is a very serious step in life and I have tried to weigh every part
    of the subject very carefully and think I understand the duties of married life very well.
    I have no great fortune of any kind to give Miss Mattie, but will give her a good home, a 
    comfortable living and a kind and loving husband.  I am doing very good General Merchandise
    Business, and Express Agent and Post Master, also run a very nice farm, and know that out of
    these I can care for her.  I know how parents feel in cases like this, but will assure you, 
    that you shall never have a cause to regret out union.
        I am almost a stranger to you all, but you can ask Miss Mattie any question you wish and I
    am sure they will be answered satisfactory, for we can all trust her, or should you wish you 
    can write to any one in this county as to my standing for I have lived here all my life.
    Hoping after careful consideration, that our steps will meet with your approval.
         With kindness regards to you all, and impatiently awaiting your reply.
                                                   Your friend and servant.
                                                    Thos. A. Dutton
    Mattie Carroll Fryar and Thomas Absalom Dutton were married September 15, 1897
    In the Thomas Fryar home in Magnolia, Duplin Co. North Carolina.
    Mattie Carroll Fryar and Thomas Absalom Dutton were my Grandparents
    Thomas Fryar and Martha Jane “Mattie” Carroll were my Great Grandparents

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