Mattie Carroll Fryar Memory Book

    This information is contributed by Jackie Purdy

    This is a small book, (I would call it an autograph) book, that was presented to my GRANDMOTHER MATTIE CARROLL FRYAR, Christmas 1886 by the M.E.S.S., Magnolia, North Carolina. Jackieís notes: This would have been 121 years ago, and my Grandmother would have been 12 years old, she was born 19 Nov. 1874 in Magnolia and died 6 Oct. 1909 in Egypt, Effingham Co. Georgia. Some of the notes are signed by names familiar to those in Duplin co. Enjoy.. Jackie
    Presented Xmas 1886 By M E. SS, Magnolia, NC
    May your joy be as deep As the ocean and your sorrow Be as light as the foam. Jan 4th 1887, Magnolia, NC Your friend, Louise Miss Mattie May earths brightest flowers Bestow thy pathway of life Truly, J. G. Stokes In the storm of life Where you need and umbrella May you have to uphold A handsome young fellow Maggie L. Bass Remember Me Bessie Bass In memoryís woodbox Throw in one chip for me also Warsaw, NC June 15, 1890 Maggie Carlton Dear Mattie Always remember the good ole Stone Bridge Aug 22, 88 Magnolia, NC Lillie Nelle Remember your true friend and schoolmate MSS 1833 ďLouiseĒ One line is sufficient for memory Your friend, Rena M. Miss Mattie Always remember your schoolmate Flo Middleton Dear Mattie Remember me when faraway Alice Croom Sigh poor heart but donít Break love who you please But mind who you take Written by a friend Lizzie Hatcher Laura G. Cooper July 1887 Drop one pearl in memorys Casket for your friend Jan 3, 1887 Alice Croom To Mattie May your joys be as deep as the ocean And your sorrows as light as its foam. Your cousin C. F. Carroll March of 87 Jammie McMillan Magnolia, NC Jan 4, 1887 Little Sister When I am far away from thee And other friends around the glide Will you sometimes think of me And wish me by thy side Lovingly by your sister Jan 3, 1887 Mamie Always remember Sissie Feb 13, 1888 Your cousin Clifford Carroll Raleigh, NC June 7, 1887 Ever be determined to make your mark Let onward upward & forward By your watch word. Your papa Thos Fryar January 6th 1887 To my schoolmate Mattie If I should write perhaps Youíll laugh so Iíll meely Sign my autograph. Your true friend John O. Hollingsworth Feb. 1887 M.S.S. Affection, Your teacher Mana Marble M.S.S. 1883 May happiness be thy Lot and peace thy steps attend. Accept this negate of respect from one Who is your friend Warsaw, NC Lovingly Daisy Sigh poor heart but donít Break love who you please But mind who you take. Written by a friend. Lizzie Hatcher Matheny Tacker (hard to read) Gowethy Key (hard to read) To Mattie May you be happy each Day off your life get a good husband And be a good wife. Yours truly, Cousin Ann Dear Mattie When the golden sun is setting And your heart from care is full While over thousand things you Are thinking Will you sometimes think of me. Feb. 6, 1888 From your friend Lena My Darling Mat. When you are far away donít Forget your true lover. He will never forget you. Dear Mattie Remember one who loves your dearly. Feb. 18, 1888 Josie C. Miss Mattie Love me little Love me long Do not flirt For it is wrong. M.E.W. Warsaw Dearest Mattie Think of me always Think of me ever Think of the good times We have had together. Mabel May 25,87 Dear Mattie This morning we separate and Of never more we meet on earth May owe meeting in Heaven be a Sweeter one. J. E. M. D. Columbus, NC Jimmie McMillan Magnolia, NC Jan 4, 1887 Miss Mattie Take courage O ye servants Who labor for the Lord Your work of love shall Bring you a sure and sweet reward Your friend W. H. S. To Matt With the fond hope that her life As now, may continue to effect Rays of sunshine On all those who have The happiness to know him. Franklin Hines Improve yourself At every opportunity You Uncle Jud Jan 30th 87 Dear Mattie When on the page you change to look Think of me and close the book. Your friend A. J. Merritt June 28, 1887 Dear Mattie I will always remember you As a sweet affectionate girl Yours fondly L. S. Houston June 13, 1887 Mt. Olive, NC Dear Mattie Remember me when faraway And if you find that Hard to do just blot this Out and then- forget me. Jan. 6th 1887 Your true friend Maggie Wiggs

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