Duplin County, NC

Posted Queries for April thru May 2002

a#FAISONFAISONm#PEARSALLPEARSALL posted by Ida Henry on Tuesday, April 9, 2002

I am trying to research Pearsall & Faison family of Magnolia & Kenansville. My grandfather was Jessie Pearsall, the son of Jim & Katie Darden Pearsall. They had 11 children: Charlie, Henry, Edward, Joseph, Roudolph, Jessie, Mattie, Annie, Jimma, Hester, and Katie. My grandmother was Bertha Faison, daughter of William and Sarah Miller Faison. They had five children: Daniel, William, Mary Emma, Lela and Bertha. Thanks for any information received.

m#WALKERWALKER posted by Perry DuPre Jr. on Tuesday, April 9, 2002

Hello, Trying to find my wife's Gr.Gr.grandparents.Know that Edward Sr. was raise in this county and moved to Claibome Co. Tenn.Where he and his wife applied for his Rev. War pension.They had 11 children and hoping two of their sons moved to Ga..One was John W. Walker,br. 10-20-1801, lived in Laurens and Telfair Co.,Ga..Edwawd Walker, br.9-7-1795,lived in Laurens and Columbia Co.,Ga.. The dates shown are the actual dates of the Edward Sr. & JAne House Walker's children. Hoping someone can tie these people all together for me. Thanks and Take Care,Perry DuPre Jr. pldupre@yahoo.com

a#BONEYBONEYa#GEORGEGEORGEm#TEACHEYTEACHEYm#WELLSWELLS posted by Frances L. Deans on Tuesday, April 16, 2002

Could someone tell me where to find old grave yards where the WELLS, BONEY. and Teachey families are buried? I know these families go way back in Duplin Co. history. My fourth great-grandfather JESSE GEORGE married BARBARY TEACHEY, the daughter of DANIEL TECHEY and NANCY ANN WELLS. They later were in New Hanover Co. If anyone knows about these families, I would be happy to share with them. I have considerable information on my Georges.

a#CLARKCLARK posted by Dorothy Clark Baker on Thursday, April 18, 2002

Am searching for my ggg-grandfather, David CLARK, who was born somewhere in N.C. abt 1779. I note David CLARK entries for 1783, 1784, and 1806 in Duplin Co. I would appreciate communicating with Clark researchers who may have information about these David CLARKs.

a#BARRONBARRONa#GRIFFINGRIFFINa#JONESJONES posted by Shirley McCaleb on Saturday, April 20, 2002

I found a reference in my research that indicated a Joseph GRIFFIN was b. in Duplin Co. N.C. and also said that it was in Columbus. Not sure if this is a town or county. I think that he might be the brother of Levi GRIFFIN who's parents were William GRIFFIN and Nancy JONES.B. were b. in N.C. Levi m. Sarah BARRON in Pike Co.,Al. I would love to establish that my GRIFFIN was from here. I will be glad to share what little I have. Thanks Shirley

a#FAUSTFAUSTm#SULLIVANSULLIVAN posted by Tom Faust on Tuesday, April 30, 2002

Faust/Sullivan Seeking info on my grandfather Charles Warrington Faust. Born VA, c. 1885. Married Abbie Sullivan, a Duplin County resident, ca. 1905. CW Faust was apparently orphaned. First found as living with an uncle in N.C.

a#BURTONBURTONm#NEWTONNEWTON posted by Lilly Engleman on Thursday, May 2, 2002

Looking for Cloah BURTON who married Jacob NEWTON.

a#HARPERHARPERm#SEABERRYSEABERRYm#SWINSONSWINSON posted by Carolyn Seaberry Quinn on Thursday, May 2, 2002

I am still looking for SEABERRY in Duplin County. Please note the new email address. Also looking for Oliver HARPER who married Catherine SWINSON. Snail mail: 5326 Monticello Ave, Dallas TX 75206.


I am interested in finding information on the Blizzard (or Blizard families) from Duplin County. I believe that Charles I. Blizzard (married Sarah Foster b. 1845 appro.) is the child of Isaac Blizzard and Mary Jane Hobson (married 30 Dec 1818). I cannot find any birth information; however, I did find Charles in a census and it appears he was the son of Isaac. I have also seen a family line that shows that Isaac's parents were John Blizzard (son of Richard Blizard and Kezzekiah Carter) and Mary "TOlley" Blinkley but they did not document the family line any further so this is all the information that I have. Does anyone have any information on Charles Blizzard or his family? I would appreciate any help you could provide. Thank you.

m#SIKESSIKESm#SYKESSYKES posted by Tim Watson on Saturday, May 11, 2002

Looking for any information on my SIKES/SYKES ancestors, the first of whom came to what is now Duplin County around 1740. His name was Joshua SIKES. He married Emory BAKER, although I don't know if she was from Duplin County (New Hanover County. Tim Watson


1810 Duplin Co. N.C. census,pg. 35, I find William Puket Sr.males 00101,females,00001,1810 Pricillia Puket,males 10000,females 10200.In 1800 they are listed as Picket's. Does anyone know if these are Puket's or Picket's.Thanks Rita

a#KORNEGAYKORNEGAY posted by Ms. Lee B. Keefer on Saturday, May 18, 2002

Looking for info on my g-g-g-grandfather John KORNEGAY b 23 May 1798 Duplin Co. d 22 Nov 1887 Wayne Co. and his father Martin KORNEGAY b 1761 Duplin Co. d 1810 or 1835 Duplin Co. Any hlep would greatly be appreciated. Lee B. Keefer


Searching for the location in Duplin Co. NC of Daniel Newton who was b. abt. 1811. Who was his Mother? Was she Eleanor Jane Bordeaux or was she Sarah Alderman? Did his Father James perhaps marry twice to both of these women? Why am I coming up with two mothers for this same man? OR were there two men, both same line, perhaps cousins perhaps both with a Father named James both born in 1811 but to different men and women? There has to be an answer out there somewhere. My line of Daniel Newton connects later on in Macon Co., GA with the marriage of Daniel's son, and his executor of his estate.........Daniel Jeptha Newton of the CSA......who met and married Rose Ann Barfield. Thanks for any help with this family. Gail

a#BULLARDBULLARDm#STROUDSTROUD posted by Spencer Bullard on Sunday, May 26, 2002

Nathan BULLARD married Sarah STROUD January 21, 1795 in Duplin County, NC. We have a large genealogy of the 7 or 8 sons and a daughter of this family as they migrated NC>SC>TN>IL>AR>TX with the majority remaining in IL and TX today. Both Sarah and Nathan BULLARD died in Wayne County, IL in 1837 and 1842 respectively. We are searching for their respective parents.

a#ALBERTSONALBERTSONa#BATCHELORBATCHELOR posted by Okey R. Batchelor on Sunday, May 26, 2002


a#BOONEBOONEa#BYRDBYRDa#JONESJONESm#SUTTONSUTTON posted by M. Dianne Schell on Sunday, May 26, 2002

Ezzell SUTTON md a Miss JONES. Their son, William (Morris?) md Katherine Eliza BOONE a/k/a Kit Eliza. Their son, Julius Sylvester md Martha Ozella BYRD. Am looking for information on these very elusive families.

a#HEATHHEATHa#JARMANJARMANm#MARTINMARTIN posted by nancy thomas on Sunday, May 26, 2002

JARMAN, charlie robert MARTIN, bertie iola MARTIN, james edward HEATH, jane elizabeth

a#GRESHAMGRESHAM posted by Helen Murrell on Sunday, May 26, 2002

I visited your website and I am trying to find information on my ancestors of Duplin County. They are my grandfather, Newton Ernest GRESHAM, his father, Henry Newton GRESHAM, his father, Lewis Robert GRESHAM, his father, Thomas GRESHAM. All were in Duplin. If you have any information I would greatly appreciate assistance. This is a new endeavor for me and I am using the Sierra Generations Easy Tree. Thank you,

a#BARFIELDBARFIELDm#NEWTONNEWTON posted by Gail Moore on Monday, May 27, 2002

BARFIELD, Enos NEWTON, Daniel b. abt. 1811 Duplin Co. NC

m#ODUMODUMm#PROWSEPROWSE posted by Nancy Bowman on Wednesday, May 29, 2002

Looking for a John Prowse, schoolmaster. His will was dated 1791 in Duplin County. His son was Thomas Prowse, who immigrated to Kentucky in 1804. His grandson was George Odum Prowse. I think Thomas Prowse married Mary Wells. I do not know birth or death dates for John Prowse. Also, I would like to know if John Prowse immigrated from England or when his ancestors did.

a#HATCHERHATCHERm#MAREADYMAREADYm#RAYNORRAYNOR posted by Cherie Rackley on Thursday, May 30, 2002

Would like some info on John Daniel Raynor's first wife. I believe her name was Lulu B Maready. They were married Feb 8,1870. She died Feb 5,1928. John married Annie Viva Hatcher the folowing year and had 4 children. I would like to know how many children John and Lulu had if any, and their names. Thank you, Cherie Rackley

a#HATCHERHATCHERm#MAREADYMAREADYm#RAYNORRAYNOR posted by Cherie Rackley on Thursday, May 30, 2002

Would like some info on John Daniel Raynor's first wife. I believe her name was Lulu B Maready. They were married Feb 8,1870. She died Feb 5,1928. John married Annie Viva Hatcher the folowing year and had 4 children. I would like to know how many children John and Lulu had if any, and their names. Thank you, Cherie Rackley

a#BATTSBATTSa#HATCHERHATCHERa#LANIERLANIERm#RAYNORRAYNOR posted by Cherie Rackley on Thursday, May 30, 2002

Looking for info on Hill Ransom HATCHER m. Sallie Lanier oct2,1892. I beleive two of their children were Mollie lee Hatcher and Annie Viva Hatcher. Annie married John Daniel Raynor June 11,1929. They were my husbands grandparents. I would like to find the names of Hills other children. I have been told that Hill and his siblings, Mary Adaine, Jefferson,and William H were the children of Hanse or hinse Batts and MAry( Polly) Hatcher. They never married. Any info would be welcomed. Thank you, Cherie Rackley