Duplin County, NC

Posted Queries for July 1998

m#SHARPLESSHARPLESm#SHARPLESSSHARPLESS posted by John E Sharpless on Wednesday, July 1, 1998

Seeking information about William K Sharpless who lived in Duplin Co, NC in 1784

a#ELLISONELLISON posted by Marilyn Cessna on Wednesday, July 1, 1998

Does anyone have access to Duplin Co records? I am trying to find about the family of Jesse ELLISON who died there in 1804. I have the names of his chil., his will & 1 deed. I would like to find the names of any other ELLISON'S in this area other than Jesse. Thank you

a#GROOMGROOMa#HERRINGHERRING posted by Loma Harrison on Sunday, July 12, 1998

GROOM, elijah. b 1757, d 1804. m. catherine "catey" HERRING, 1777, Duplin County, NC. children: Mary, Priscilla, Council, Charles, Bright Marshall, Stephen Herring, Zeptha, and Wright, all GROOM. I am searching for the name of GROOM, elijah's parents. I am a direct descendant.


I am doing research on the WATERMANS of Duplin County and Wiley POWELL & his wife Nancy ROUSE POWELL (and their children). I have some information and would be willing to share any that I have. I am also very interested in hearing from their decendants and would be interested in obtaining copies of photographs of them and their children. If you have any information you are willing to share/exchange, please contact me. I am a decendant of Walter Thomas POWELL & Lillian Hines POWELl. 1. Walter's parents were A.B. Powell & Della JACKSON A.B's parents were Wiley POWELl & Nancy ROUSE. 2.Lillian Hines' parents were Joel HINES (not Lewis Rich) and Melissa Rich . (Lewis was Melissa's father). . Lewis' parents were William C. RICH and Susannah WATERMAN. Susanna Waterman's parents were William WATERMAN & Sarah CARTER.

a#BLANDBLANDa#BLANTONBLANTON posted by Clarke Blanton on Sunday, July 12, 1998

I am looking for the cemetary that John BLANTON b. 1796 d. 1848, son of Joshua BLANTON b. 1760, is buried in. John married Dorcas BLANTON d/o James BLANTON and Ester Newton. I have checked the Wells Chapel Baptist Church in Harrells, NC but they are not there. The brother of Dorcas, Isaac Newton BLAND is however buried there and I am wondering if anyone has information on any of the remote private cemetaries that John and Ester may be in.

m#SUGGSUGGm#SUGGSSUGGS posted by Virginia Harris on Sunday, July 12, 1998

Is anybody researching the Thomas SUGGS/SUGG family who had land there in 1751-1769? Would like names of his parents and siblings. His wifes name was Francis---? Any help appreciated. Virginia Suggs Harris

a#HINESHINESm#RICHRICH posted by Teresa Ortega on Thursday, July 16, 1998

Joel HINES married Dicey RICH and they lived in Duplin County. Joel served in the Civil War. During the war his wife was expecting their child and he knew it was time for the child. He left to check on his wife and child. When he returned they stuck him in the stockade. While there he acquired lice. When they let him out he left with no clothes and was told he'd catch his death. He said something like I didn't come into this world with lice and I'm not going out with lice. A letter was sent to his wife and she was told that by the time she read or received this letter her husband would be dead. Does anyone have any other information about this incident. His daughter gave me this information. She doesn't know: when or where he died or where he is buried or which fort he was located at. She recalls going with her son to a fort (some distance away from Dudley) and found his name listed on some documents there, but has no recollection where. Any help you can give me will be greatly appreciated.

a#DENMARKDENMARK posted by Steven D. Denmark, on Thursday, July 16, 1998

I am descended from Mary DENMARK, who lived near the plantation of William & Hannah BIZZEL on the Old Duplin Post Road, from c. April 1784 unitl her death in c. May 1793. Thank you,

a#LANIERLANIERm#SHOLARSHOLAR posted by James Cunnion on Thursday, July 16, 1998

I am seeking information on James D LANIER (b1866) the son of Brantly LANIER (1830-1897) who married Martha SHOLAR in 1858. They are buried in Duplin Co.,NC. Would like to know signifigant dates and names (birth, death,spouse, children,etc.). Of particular interest-- did he have a son named James(Jimmy)? If so he would be my maternal great-grandfather. Perhaps a reference to the book "The Laniers of..." by Chambers would provide a quick reference. Thank you for any assistance.


Can you tell me how to get deed information from as early as 1781? Also will extracts from around 1800? Both for Duplin Co? I am researching DEMPSEY KENNEDY/CANADA/CANNADY.

a#CANNADYCANNADYa#KENNEDYKENNEDYa#KINSEYKINSEY posted by Susan Rule on Thursday, July 16, 1998

Dempsey KENNEDY - 12 October 1781 Dempsey Kennedy & Jacob Goodwin, witness for Patric CANNADY selling 50 A to Absolem KINSEY at Horse swamp adjacent Wm Lee BK 7-362.
26 Aug 1782 Dan'L McQuinn of Cumberland Co. NC sells 200A to Dempsey KENNEDY.
10 Oct 1801 John KENNEDY as the last surviving extr of last will of Dempsey KENNEDY of Duplin CO NC sells his land on Great Cohary & beaverdam to Wm Hobbs.
Looking for information on the Kennedy (Canada, Cannady) family: Alexander, Dempsey, Patrick, Joshua & John all part of this clan.

m#SCARBOROSCARBOROm#SCARBOROUGHSCARBOROUGH posted by Bill McLean on Thursday, July 16, 1998

SCARBOROUGH: In the 1810 census of Duplin Co., p. 701, in the household of Benjamin SCARBORO, appear one male, 16<26 and one female, 16<26. In the household of Nathan SCARBORO, on p. 704, is a male over 45 and a female over 45, along with 5 younger females and 3 younger males. I would like to correspond and exchange information with anyone who has any information about or any connection to either of these SCARBORO/SCARBOROUGH families.


I am looking for ancestry information on Thomas DAIL (DALE). I am a direct descendant by the following line: Thomas DAIL to Curtis Dale to Calvin Dale to Curtis James Dale to Henry Clay Dale to Clay Brown Dale to Jerry Blackman Dale to my James (Jay) Worthington Dale. I am also looking for the ancestry information on Sarah TRIPP (wife of Thomas DAIL), Polly SANDLIN (Wife of Curtis Dale); James PRICE and Peggy HERRING. I would appreciate any information I can get. I am most interested in Thomas DAIL!

a#BLANDBLANDm#MCCULLENMCCULLEN posted by Vickie MAIN on Friday, July 24, 1998

I received a call last night (July 22, 1998) from a Vickie MCCULLEN Main (b. 5/25/1952 in Goldsboro) of Tennessee. She was a MCCULLEN by birth but she and a sister were adopted out at an early age. She knows her birth parents were: Laurence Delmar MCCULLEN (b. 3/9/1931; d. 4/1984) and Velma BLAND McCullen Jones (owho grew up in Faison). She knows Laurence's mother's name was (is) Pearl and that she remarried to Jasper Taylor and, if still living, is in Calypso. She does not know the grandfather's name or the grandmother's maiden name. Vickie has located some of her birth brothers and sisters and is trying to locate the rest of them, including the half-brothers and half-sisters. She has cancer and has undergone several surgeries, and is currently undergoing radiation therapy. She really does not know what the future may hold for her and has a great desire to reunite with her birth family and find out about her family history. She does know that Laurence Delmar MCCULLEN was a roofer who traveled around various states and that he died in either Georgia or Florida, but his roots were from around Duplin County. If anyone has info they can share with her, her address is:

m#MARSHBURNMARSHBURNm#SWINSONSWINSON posted by Chris Swinson on Friday, July 24, 1998

Searching for SWINSON, Ebenezer md. Ann ? Born abt. 1765 in Pitt or Martin County, NC. Died abt 1850 in Onslow County, NC. Deeds indicate he owned land in the Back Swamp area (among other places in Duplin) near the Duplin/Onslow County line. Son Richard and daughter Ann according to deeds. Did he have other sons named James and Zebedee? James (Jimmie) is my ggggrandfather. James (Jimmie) md. Rebecca MARSHBURN abt 1829 in Onslow County. Appreciate any and all help.

m#SIMPSONSIMPSON posted by Ken Simpson on Friday, July 24, 1998

I have been searching for the father of Enoch SIMPSON (my ggggrandfather) of Duplin Co. for 20 years. I believe it was Peter but no proof. If anyone has any information, please contact me. Enoch was in the 1790 census and was married to Sophia ? .He bought 200 Acres of land from Abraham Newkirk on 28 Sept. 1793 (Deed book D-F-T-U page 215). Listed as selling same ( I believe again) land to Lott Batts (Deed Book pg. 395 & 396) 14 Oct 1807. At that time they had three boys and were migrating to Georgia. Sophia, along with Enoch's brother, Asa, made it to Washington Co. Georgia area but Enoch died somewhere along the way, I gather. Where did he die? Who were his parents? I truly appreciate your help.


I have been in NC for a month now, researching, off and on for my MERRITT line. Have found lots of them, but not the ones I'm looking for. I have listed all the marriages for MERRITS in Duplin Co. that I could find, all the old births, and marriages, but none are mine that I can tell. Did find a grave listing for Ann Julia MERRITT (I'm looking for Julia Ann, any comments, suggestions). Will post those lists if anyone is interested later. My MERRITT line is below and I have, as yet, been unable to get the info I need , as to the parents of Joseph Albert MERRITT. Any help out there. Still have to search Sampson Co. but need ideas. Thanks, Fannie Joseph Albert MERRITT, b. Duplin Co. NC. 12 Oct. 1892. Mother is listed as Mrs. Julia Ann MERRITT, father is listed as UNK. Joseph died in Portsmouth, VA on 22 Mar. 1939.(All info from death certificate). Married to Barbara Louise HAZZARD, about 1914-15 in Lenoir Co. NC ? She was born 20 Mar. 1899, in Lenoir Co. NC. died 5 Aug. 1984, Portsmouth, VA. She was the daughter of James HAZZARD and Nancy Gabrilla "Nannie" BYRD. Children of Joseph Albert MERRITT, Sr. and Barbara Louise HAZZARD were: Joseph Albert, Jr., James, Cecil Ray, 1922-1959 Joshua Byrd, 1918-1969 Nancy Elizabeth (my mother), 1920-1974 Ursula, Julia

a#DEWDEW posted by Bette Dew on Friday, July 24, 1998

Was wondering if your book has anything in it about a " Spencer DEW who was ordered to be conveyed under guard from Newbern to Duplin County on March 18 1774, [N.C. Col,Rec. IX, p. 859], but the nature of his crime is unknow: perhaps it had to do with some of the political disturbances at the time around Newbern." Would it be possiable that even there would be a record in the court house there. any help or ideas that you can give will be greatly appreicated. Looking to hear form you and Thank you so much for your time