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Can anyone help with these queries?

October 2009

My paternal great-grandmother, Harriet Williams born 1835, was a slave on Francis 
Williams' plantation in Duplin County. I believe Francis, born 1777, was the first-born 
son of Mary Harper and Robert Williams, who (according to the August 2004 Footnotes) 
served as a private in the American Revolution. They had several other children:  Mary, 
Sarah, Peggy, Tobitha, Patience, Rose, Blany, Branch, Harper, and James (not 
necessarily in birth order). Sons, Francis and Robert Jr, served as executors, along with 
Robert Sr.'s wife, Mary.

Francis Williams willed Harriet as one of several slaves to his daughters. It was daughter 
Margaret C. Williams (never married) who willed Harriet to her nephew (Francis' son), 
Charles Francis Williams. He was born 1832.

C.F. (as he was also known) and Harriet had seven children together (at least 4 born free), 
although it appears they could never marry in confederate Kenansville. Harriet died at the 
age of 75 on October 2,1910 in Goldsboro where her four sons lived and my father was born.

I have yet to find Charles Francis' death certificate. My last record of him pertains to taxes 
in about 1904. Charles Francis and Harriet always lived near each other in Kenansville for 
decades. So, I think he may have died.

Family lore refers to Charles Francis Williams as "Judge Frank". He did have some law 
school training according to one census. But, in most censuses, his occupation is listed 
as a farmer.

As the story goes, C.F. "left his entire estate to Harriet and their kids." I have yet to prove 
this "love story." While there are 3 deeds in the Duplin County Register of Deeds office (a 
terrific resource with online capability!), it appears Harriet and the kids paid some money for 
land they received from "Frank." My father, who was one of their grandchildren is listed in one 
of those deeds.

I am trying to find out more about Charles Francis, his father Francis Williams. Any help or 
direction you could provide would be greatly appreciated.

Email direct at: 
Nerissa Williams
Posted October 7, 2009 April 2009 I am looking for anyone who may be researching or have information on: Riley Jones Born: (census records vary: 1813, 1819,1820) his first wife's name was Mary. She apparantly died sometime between 1854 and 1856. Riley and Mary had six (6) known children. His second wife (according to death certificates of children) was Lenny/Lena/Lennie Jane Castien Born: January 1820. Riley and Lennie had four (4) known children: Lewis born ca. 1857 Caroline born ca. 1858 Mary born ca. 1862 Olive born ca. 1864 According to census records, they lived in the Cypress Creek area of Duplin County. I would be especially interested and extremely happy and excited if anyone would have proof that this Lennie Castien was the widow of Edge Castien and the mother of Andrew Jasper Castien. Any help appreciated. Email direct at:
Jean Moore
Jean Moore
Posted April 9, 2009 March 2009 I have a copy of my great grandfathers obituary. He died in 1972. His name was Lemuel Wellington Barfield. His great great grandfather was Solomon Barfield. Solomon was granted 500 acres of land from the King of England in 1764. That land was in what is now known as Mount Olive NC in Wayne County. According to his obituary, the land was passed on to Solomons son, Bryant Barfield Sr. and then to Bryant's son, Bryant Jr. Then to my great grandfather Lemuel. When he died, he had no sons, so he left the land, which was then about 100 acres to my uncle, his grandson, Carlton Grantham. I am interested in finding out about Solomon Barfield. Why he was granted this land from the King of England, Where he was from over there, etc... Email direct at:
Julie Grantham Reboli
Posted March 21, 2009 January 2009 I am searching for the burial place of an ancestor, James Grimsley. He owned land in the Blizzards Crossroads area of the county. I have searched the cemeteries in that area without success. He died in 1834. Any info you can furnish will be apprciated. Email direct at:
Daniel L. Grimsley
Posted January 22, 2009

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