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Can anyone help with these queries?

January 2008

I was wondering if any of the Dunn family have any photos of George
Washington Dunn and his wife Susan Lassiter, or their children.
George Dunn had these children, who had children
Henderson Boyette Dunn
Doctor Benjamin Dunn
Moses Jackson Dunn
Preston Union Dunn
My Gr. Grandfather Henderson Boyette Dunn and wife had the following
children who had children.
Merrill Dunn
Marshal Benjamin Dunn
George Elisha Dunn
As all these families lived past 1920 I am certain of family photos.
If you have family photos please forward them to Mike and Diane with a
discription of who they are and they be placed on a family photo page.

Email direct at: 
David Dunn
Posted January 6, 2008 February 2008 I'm Laura Whitaker, granddaughter of William J. Whitaker who was son of Emma Elizabeth Elmore. She was the granddaughter of Elizabeth Hollingsworth who married James Dickson Wilson. In our family are also Carlton's and Parker's who are remembered as my Grandfather's cousins. Emma's sister, Adda Estelle Elmore married Matthew Carlton and her other sister Margaret "Pearl" Elmore married Emmulon Lanier Parker. My father and his sister played with a cousin Keith Carlton of NC in the 30's and I would love to get in touch with either of the Parker, Carlton or Wilson families. My Grandfather was born in 1907 and died close to 90 yrs of age - so he passed in the last decade and I've begun our family search as a result of trying to maintain our NC heritage. If you would be so kind to share my note, I'd be most grateful! My father has a wonderful childhood memory of playing he believes at the Carlton home, my aunt believes it could have been the Parker home, in the woods of NC where remained in the corner of their family home a huge indent from a Civil War cannon ball! I wish I had more information... Email direct at:
Laura Whitaker
Posted February 18, 2008 My Great Grandfather Whitfield Taylor was born april 5th 1824 somewhere in North Carolina, His mothers name was Agnes (mnu)Taylor, she was born June 6th 1784 in North carolina, husband's name unknown. In the 1810 census of Duplin North Carolina there is a John Taylor age 16 thru 25 & a female 16 thru 25, one mail under 10. This may be the parents of Whitfield Taylor. Anyone know anything about this family. Email direct at:
Orley Taylor
Posted February 19, 2008 I am researching the following families in Duplin County: Hobson, Braddy, Blizzard, Brinkley, and Carter Specifically, the individuals and their families that I am researching are: Henry HOBSON (1871 – 1841); parents unknown; married Fairlise BRADDY Fairlise BRADDY (1782 – 1847) ; married Unknown AYERS; married Henry HOBSON Mary Jane HOBSON ( 1803 – 1863) parents Henry HOBSON and Fairlise BRADDY; Isaac "Gatsy" BLIZZARD Isaac “Gatsy” BLIZZARD (1795 – between 1850 and 1860); parentsJohn Isaac BLIZZARD and Mary "Tolley or Polly" BRINKLEY. John Isaac BLIZZARD (1773 – 1839); parents Richard BLIZZARD and Kezzekiah CARTER or Leah CARTER; married Mary "Tolley or Polly" BRINKLEY. Mary “Tolley or Polly” BRINKLEY (1777 - ?); parents unknown; married John Isaac BLIZZARD. Richard BLIZZARD (1731 – 1782); parents Richard BLIZARD and Mary UNKNOWN; married Kezzekiah CARTER or Leah CARTER. Kezzekiah CARTER or Leah CARTER (1741 – 1791); parents unknown; married Richard BLIZZARD. Email direct at:
Synthia Robinson-Pack
Posted February 19, 2008 I am an African-American Researcher. My family, as far as I know was white during their time in Duplin Co. NC in the late 1700s and early 1800s. They came over from Cartert Co. NC. The progenitor of the family was Laughlin (Loflin) Quinn (1712-1774). I would like to find out more about King George's War that Loghlin took part in and any other relevant information regarding the Quinn family in Duplin Co. NC. Email direct at:
Anthony Quinn
Posted February 28, 2008 March 2008 The following Shaw names appear in various North Carolina documents. Daniel; Finley; Gabriel; Hugh; Isaiah; James; John; John Baptist; Joseph; Mary; Neill; Robert; Simpson; Thomas; Timothy; William; Willis/Wille; Zachariah (Zadoch); Zacheus Timothy Shaw – 1747 Harrisburg, PA – 1750 Lunenburg Co., VA – died after 1781 having left property in Wake Co., NC to son Gabriel Timothy Shaw – deeds to John Baptist, William, Zachariah – no relationship give – Wake Co., NC Hugh Shaw left property to sons William and Joseph – Wake Co., NC Simpson Shaw – b. 1773, Wake Co., NC served as a witness for Zachariah’s (b. 1754 VA) Revolutionary War Pension application in Gibson Co., TN; application names Zacheus as Zachariah’s brother. Simpson is the son of John Baptist – was Simpson nephew to Zachariah? If any one can help sort out these Shaw family members, I would be most appreciative. I have other documents I can share. Email direct at:
Sandra Sutton
Posted March 7, 2008 April 2008 Surname: Taylor Time Frame: 1725-1825 Researcher: Ralph Taylor Notes: Looking for the parents of Michael TAYLOR, born 1789, probably in the Core Creek or Flat Swamp area of northwestern Craven County, North Carolina. Have developed extensive information on Taylors and the associated/related families in the area which I am willing to share. Those include Beasley, Daughety, Green Slade, Bryan, Aclin. (Novice researchers please note that these names are spelled multiple ways.) Y-DNA evidence indicates that Michael Taylor shared a common male ancestor with Moses Taylor (1729-1819), son of Robert Taylor (1709-1780). Thus, he is somehow descended from the extended Abraham Taylor family that migrated from Baltimore County, Maryland to Craven County, North Carolina in 1729, but DNA does not say who, when or where. Michael was closely associated with James Taylor, another son of Robert, from no later than 1810 (and probably earlier) until James' death in 1816. This association is documented in Rutherford County, Tennessee, where James migrated about 1806. The hypothesis that James was Michael's father has been explored and rejected on several grounds. If I can help you, I will. If you can help me, I'll be especially grateful. Email direct at:
Ralph Taylor
Posted April 3, 2008 May 2008 I am interested in the Savage family, particularly the father of John Savage (b1845ish, m Sarah Ann Brooks). I have his father as Frederick or Francis Savage. When was he born/died, where did he come from, who are his parents and siblings? I am also interested in the Brooks family, particularly Joseph Brooks, the father of William A. Brooks (b1820ish d1908) Who are his parents, siblings, spouse? When was he born/died? Email direct at:
Beth Nichols
Posted May 20, 2008 November 2008 Why was Alexander Dickson was called "The Hull"? Where was Gillespie's plantation -Golden Grove that was burned by tories in 1781??? Email direct at:
Bill Moore
Posted November 7, 2008

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