St. Gabriels Parrish- Wardens Records ~1799- 1817

    This information is contributed by Donna Sherron

    Duplin Co. Records- St. Gabriels Parrish- Wardens Records  1799- 1817  C.R. 035.9271
    St. Gabriels Parrish- 1808 – Absolom Strickland be allowed the sum of 40 shillings 
    per month until next court for support of his wife.
    July 19, 1809
    By an allowance for keeping and maintaining your wife Sally until Oct. court next, 
    the sum of fourty shillings a month until Oct. Next.
    18 Oct. 1809
    Absolum Strickling- by an allowance made you for maintaining your wife Sally 12 
    months at 30 L per month thereby 6 dollars.
    19 Oct., 1809
    Absolum Strickland – an order granted Robert Middleton on the sheriff in your favor 
    amt. of two dollars.
    March 26, 1811
    Edward Armstrong
    By an allowance made for servers rendered A. Strickland. 8~12.
    Mar. 26, 1811
    J.R. Evens
    By allowance made you for furnishings Miss Strickland with medicine 3-18
    which is to be placed to her   C of CW
    Nov. 5, 1811
    By your attendance of medicine furnish Mrs. Strickland.
    Oct. 20 1812
    John Hunter
    By and allowance made you for Sundays furnished Mrs. Strickland.
    July 19, 1815
    Sarah Strickland to cash for year   CW.L
    Oct. 22 1810
    County Warden- by cash furnished Sarah Strickland  1~
    Oct. 23, 1816
    George Bray
    By an allowance made for services rendered Kelly Strickland other child for L2
    May 21, 1817
    Kelly Strickland by an allowance made you—L6  keep Strickland  D  to cash
    By CV----?-------.

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