Slave Petition~1830

    This information is contributed by Carolyn Shank

    Petition of Sundry Inhabitants of New Hanover, Sampson, Bladen & Duplin
    14 Dec. 1830
    Presented, to motion of Mr. WEAVER? Ordered to be referred to the Select Committee 
    on the subject of slaves & the situation of free persons of colour.
    By Order: S. T. PATTERSON
    To the Honorable the General Assembly of the State of North Carolina now in Session.
    The Petition of Sundry inhabitants of the Counties of Sampson, Bladen, New Hanover 
    and Duplin humbly Sheweth, that our own Slaves are become almost uncontroulable they 
    go and come when and where they pleas, and if an attempt is made to correct them they 
    Immediately fly to the woods and there Continue for months and years commiting grievous 
    depredations on Our cattle hogs and sheep and many other things and as patrols are of 
    no use on account of the danger they subject themselves to and their property. Not long 
    since three patrols two fo which for executing their duty had their dweling house and 
    other houses burnt down and the other his fodder starks burnt.
    Your Petitioners prays that an act of the General Assembly may be passed during the 
    present Session of your honourable body compelling each Captain in the aforenamed 
    Counties to divide their companies into four Equal divisions which shall be numbered 
    1,2,3, & 4 and one man shall be chosen out of each Company as a Captain or  Commander 
    of that Company the Rest to be Submissive to his orders under penalty of fifty cent and 
    the Captain or Commander on neglect or refusal to comply with the duties named in said 
    law shall pay the sum of Ten dollars and the first company shall be compelled so soon as 
    appointed to search their respective districts for Runaway Slaves in all the suspected 
    places houses or thicks where they may suppose any runaway or runaways are concealed 
    with the priviledge of shooting and destroying all runaway slaves who may refuse to 
    Submit to said Authority and said company shall continue to make such search at all 
    times when necessary for the space of three months and shall during the time perform 
    all the duties required by law for patrols to perform and at the expiration of three 
    months the Company no. 2 shall take place and perform in like manner as the first and 
    so continue until the whole have served, and for compensation to said Companies the 
    Rewards already offered by Owners of Slaves for Apprehending Runaway and on all others 
    those that have been Runaway under Six months fifteen dollars and from six months to 
    one year; twenty five dollars and for more than one year fifty dollars which shall be 
    paid by the Owner of said runaway slave to the use of said Company before they give him 
    up and all property they ay find in the possession of Runaways where the Owner of said 
    property cannot be found.
    Whereas many Negro slaves are allowed by their owners to raise and keep dogs and follow 
    them at large that do great injury to our Stocks an if we kill there dogs they will then 
    kill our dog our horse or our cow.
    For Remedy whereof your Petitioners humbly prays that an act be passed compelling all 
    persons owning slaves at the time of giving in their list of Taxable property to give 
    in on oath all the dogs their Negroes are allowed to raise, keep, or follow them on the 
    first day of April preceding the time of giving in their lists or any time since and pay 
    a tax of five dollars on each dog so given in and your petitioners as in duty bound shall 
    every pray.
    Stephen HERRING
    Hiram BIRDSONG?
    James A. McGEE
    Gabriel HERRING
    Needham BRIAN
    A. WARD
    Michel JOHNSON
    Taylor JOHNSON
    Martin FOSTER?
    Daniel ALDERMAN
    Enoch ALDERMAN
    Amos NEWTON
    Isaac N. BLAND?
    Daniel BLAND
    Reuben ROGERS
    Brannon SUTTON
    Bailey SUTTON
    Hardy HERRING
    John HERRING
    John SMITH
    Fredric MORGAN
    Isaac C. WRIGHT
     David S. MATHIS
    Bright JOHNSON
    Robert WARD
    Archd. MURPHY
    Owen HERRING
    Daniel HERRING
    Richd. ROYAL
    Howard PARKER
    Joseph HERRING
    Your Petitions further request your Honorable Body if the method Above proposed?, does 
    not meet your approbation, that you will take our case into consideration, and pass 
    such a law or grant as such relief as you in your wisdom shall think best.
    (The identical petition was again circulated and signed by the following people)
    Hinson W. HERRING
    Silas HERRING
    Rogers LEE
    William SPEARMAN
    G. W. KINNERY?
    John WRIGHT, Senr.
    Allen D.? EVERSON
    Starkey? ANSLEY?
    James CARR?
    Amos HERRING
    George DYER
    Richard ROGERS
    Wriley HERRING
    Phillip HERRINGTON
    Wiley HALL
    Love?/Dave MCDANIEL
    John BEDSOE?
    Owen JONES
    S. CAIN
    H. YOUNG
    James O. AMOUS?
    D. MELVIN, Senr.
    John MONROE
    Daniel MELVIN, Jr.
    David CAIN
    Wm. SMITH, Sr.
    Fran HORN?
    G. MELVIN?
    J. SMITH
    Richard MCGEE
    Robert FURMEDGE?
    J. Melvin, Jr.
    Caleb? LAIN?
    George W. HUFFMAN
    Owen FENNELL
    Wm. K.? DEVANE
    Richard PARISH
    Wilson VALSTRAM?
    Daniel HERRING
    Nathan HERRING
    Stephen HERRING, Jr.
    Enoch ANDERS
    Raiford CARROLL
    James NEWTON
    Geo. FENNELL
    Isaac NEWTON
    Reuben ROGERS
    Charles PAGE
    Amariah BLAND
    Alse HAWES
    David WALLS
    James MCCALEBB
    James ROGERS
    Wm. J. COGELL
    James MEREDITH
    Amos JOHNSON
    James COOP?
    William W. VIRRAH?
    J. D. BEATTY.

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