Saracta Journal of Commerce ~ Feb 22, 1840

    Contributed by: Ada Dunn

    VOL II-NO. 14	SARACTA, N.C.  FEB. 22, 1840.  	WHOLE NO. 86
    The Freedom of the Press, one of the Great Bulwarks of Liberty.  Jefferson
    Published every Saturday Morning over Howard Snooks Office near the Theater.
    Terms.  This paper will be sent to subscribers at the reduced price of $2.50 per
     annum.  The subscription money must invariably be paid in advance.  
    Advertising done at the usual rates.
    N.B. This paper is decidedly neutral in politicks.
    GREAT BARGAIN The subscriber being desirous of removing to the west offers 
    for sale that very valuable and well known plantation lying on Goose Creek 
    containing by estimation 84 acres 65 of which is under cultivation and is as 
    good upland for corn, cotton, wheat, and potatoes as any in the lower part of the 
    state.  There is on the premises, an excellent and well finished three story 
    dwelling House together with an excellent cotton gin, skrew and threshing 
    machine and all necessary out-houses.  There is also on the plantation an 
    excellent Peach and Apple orchard - and one of the best mill seats in this County.  
    The dwelling house lies immediately on the Stage Road leading from Saracta to 
    Warsaw and is the best stand for a tavern on the route.  If the above plantation 
    is not disposed of before the fourth Monday in March next, it will on that day be 
    sold at auction to the highest bidder.                  ANTHONY BANKRUPT
                                 Goose Creek, Feb. 15, 1860
    This celebrated race horse and sure foal getter will stand at his own stable in the 
    ensuing season and airing to the scarcity of money will be fit to mares at the low 
    price of seventy five dollars the season.    PETER FOLGER    Feb 10.
    Isaac Fuller vs Levi Morton.  Petition for settlement, whereas it appears to the 
    satisfaction of the court that Levi Morton the defendant in this case resides beyond 
    the limits of this state.  It is therefore ordered by the court that advertisement be 
    made in the Saracta Journal of Commerce, for six weeks for said Morton to be and 
    appear before the justices of our Court of Pleas and Quarter Sessions to be held for
     the County of Duplin, at the Court House in Kenansville on the third Monday 
    (illegible) there to answer said petition, or the same will be taken pro confasso 
    and heard ex-parte aid to him.  Witness, Joseph Dowdle, Clerk of our said Court, 
    at office the third Monday of January AD 1840.     Test, Jdg. Dowdle, Clerk
    FOR HIRE   A pair of horses and a light carriage can be had to go a short distance.  
    Apply at THIS OFFICE.
    TEACHER WANTED - A Gentleman who could come well recommended and 
    ( illegible) Latin teacher could get a permanent position in the Saracta Academy.    
    TO RENT   The subscriber wishes to rent for one or two years his house and lot 
    on Main Street at present occupied by Mrs. Mullin.    
    SAM WHELPS   Saracta Feb 2.
    A Lad about fifteen years of age as an apprentice in a printing business.  Apply 
    at this office.
    By the arrival at this port of (illegible) landing (illegible), we have London dates 
    up to the 26th  Ult. And Liverpool to the 29th.  
    The price of cotton has somewhat declined.  
    Queen Victoria has made known her intention of uniting herself in marriage to 
    Prince Albert of Saxe-Cobourg. 
    It is said that Lord Bragham intends to visit this country in the ensuing Spring.
    Arrived at this port on Friday last, in the brig Rhoda Potter, Capt. Gates from 
    Botany Bay; five hundred Anarugians, men women and children, on their way 
    to Texas.
    PORT OF SARACTA, Feb 22, 1840    
    Schr. Hoyt, Masen, New York, to Geo. Stephenson.
    Schr. Polly Hopkins, Wilkes, Boston, to Richardson & Co.
    Schr. Clara Fisher, Rice, St. Domingo, to Ephraigm Grizzle.
    Schr. Clarendon, Puke, Cuba, to Master 
    Brig. Hercules, Morene, New York to Ebenezer Honeycut.
    Brig Black Hawk, Roebuck, by Martin Shaw.
    Brig Water Nymph, Pollard, Martinique by Richardson & Co.
    Schr. Fairfield, Hubert, New York, by muster.
    The Schr. Royster which cleared on the 10th for New York struck on the Bar 
    and receiving some damage has put back for repairs.
    Books will be opened in this town on Tuesday next, under the direction of the 
    undersigned for the purpose of receiving subscription to the capital stock of 
    this road.
    Slocum Fogerson
    Eben. Honicut
    Theo. Jeeswax
    Saracta    Feb 12, 1840
    Kissing to Miss
    There is something in a kiss,
    Though I cannot reveal it
    Which never comes amiss -
    Not even when we steal it.
    We cannot taste a kiss
    And sure we cannot view it
    But is there not a bliss -
    Communicated through it.
    (Remainder illegible)
    Just received and for sale at the Saracta Book Store the following new and 
    interesting works;
    Memories of Lucien Bonaparte
    The Merchants Clerk, and other Fables by Samuel Warren
    George Malcombe - A Novel
    Bryants Poems
    Sewards Adventures
    (several illegible titles)
    Hoopers Medical Dictionary
    Crockett’s and LeMays Almanacs for 1840
    Also a splendid assortment of stationary &e, all of which will be disposed of on the 
    most accommodating terms.	Nicholas Mullin    Saracta, Dec. 10, 1839.
    The subscriber having located himself in the town of Saracta and being prepared 
    with extensive Ware-Houses; will attend to the buying of Goods and Produce.  
    He promises to these who may confine to his care in buying or selling any 
    goods or produce, his best exertions for their benefit.
    Reference,   Col. Joseph Snider, Warsaw
            Gen. Solomon, Kenansville
            Dr. Bullard, Hallsville
    Jany. 10, 1840
    Dispatch from New York,
    20 Bbls. Boston Particular
    15 Bbls. Dog Leg Rum
    10 Bbls. Rot Gut
    (Next 4 articles illegible
    The subscriber would respectfully inform the area customers that she keeps 
    constantly on hand among other things the following articles:
    Cakes, Pies, Apples, Beer, Cider, int.
    Being very thoughtful of the patronage already received I solicit a continuance 
    of the same. 
    A. LUCY
    3 doors below the red tavern.      Kenansville   Feb 10. 1840 
    The following resolution was passed by the officers of this Institution on Tuesday 
    last; viz:
    Resolved that this bank will resume paying specie for her notes on or before the 
    10th of March next.		MIKE FINK, PRESIDENT
    Married in this town on Tuesday evening last, Mike Fink, Esq. President of 
    the Saracta Bank, to Miss Judy Grizzle second daughter of Ephraim 
    Grizzle, Esq.
    Died in this town on Monday, last Mrs. Patience Fogerson in the 84 year 
    of her age.
    Also on the same day, Mr. Benjamin Kitchen, age 46 years, bricklayer.  
    The deceased was a native of Nova Scotia.
    50,000 feet of Timber wanted at the Saracta Steam Mills, for which the highest 
    cash price will be given. 		JOB SNELLING    Feb 18th 1840
    The subscriber has on hand and offers for sale cheaper than they can be 
    purchased elsewhere, 2 piano Fortes manufactured in this place.  The above 
    pianos were made of the very best materials and are of the finest workmanship.
    JOHN GUNTER         4 doors east of the Eagle Hotel      Saracta    14 Feb 1840
    $50 REWARD
    Ran away from the subscriber living near Saracta on the night of the second 
    Instant his negro man, Cato about 56 years old, 5 feet, 6 or 7 inches high, 
    very black skin.  I think it is probable he is lurking about the plantation of 
    Stephen Grithard, Esq. On Possom Creek as he has a wife there.  The 
    above reward will be paid for his delivery or for his confinement.
    PHILIP ROGERSON	   Feb 12, 1840
    Dr. Royster has returned to this place and has taken lodging at the Eagle 
    Hotel where he will be ready at all times to attend to the calls of those 
    needing his professional services.
    Dr. ROYSTER	Saracta Feb 15.
     Prices Current    Saracta Feb 22, 1840
    Bacon - Hog Round
    Beef on the Hoof	5 & 6
    Brandy - scarce	1 & 1.25
    Coffee - Cuba	18 & 20
    Corn		80 & 90
    Gin - Holland	1 and 1.25
    Hogs on foot	5 & 6
    Mollasses - W.I.	50 & 60
    Naval Stores,
    Turpentine	1 & 1.25
    Tar	50 & 60
    Rum -	 Dog Leg	scarce
    Boston, 	none
    Tobacco	very scarce
    BLANKS of every description for sale at this office. 

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