Revenue Inspectors Appointed ~1797

    Submitted by Carolyn Shank

    Hall's Wilmington Gazette August 24, 1797
                              INSPECTOR's OFFICE
                           Fayetteville, July 22, 1797
       Offices of Inspection will be open in each County of the first survey 
    during the month of September to receive entries of carriages and grant 
    licenses to retailers of wines and foreign distilled spirits, whereof all 
    persons concerned, are desired to take Notice, as no infractions of the 
    revenue laws, can or will be overlooked. Owners of carriages and retailers of 
    wines and foreign distilled spirits, will apply to the following collector or 
    their Auxiliary officers:
      STEPHEN CAMBERLING of Newbern, for Craven;
      BENAJAH WHITE of Jones,for Lenoir & Wayne
      SAMLUEL HALLIDAY for Glasgow
      THOMAS McREYNOLDS of Moore for Sampson & Johnston
      ANDREW McINTIRE of Duplin, for Onslow & Duplin
      JOHN STORM of Lumberton, for Brunswick, Bladen and Robeson
      DUNCAN McREA of Fayetteville for Cumerland
      JOHN GILCHRIST of Moore, for Moore Richmond and Anson.
                         THOMAS OVERTON
                Inspector for the Revenue for the first Survey of the
                       District of North Carolina

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