Real Estate For Sale ~1797

    Submitted by Carolyn Shank

    Hall's Wilmington Gazette, Thurs., June 8, 1797 June 8, 1797
      NOTICE -- The Subscriber has for sale the following Tracts or Parcels of 
    Land lying in Duplin County, formerly the property of JOSEPH and WALTER BLAKE, 
      400 acres on the Northeast and south sides of Cypress Creek swamp, patented 
    by JOHN NORRIS and conveyed by him to THOMAS HICKS.
      320 acres, being part of 640 acres granted to JOHN POCOCK in 1737, beginning 
    at a branch near the moouth of a small branch running into Rock-Fifth Creek.
      100 acres on the north side of Gotern Swamp at the moouth of Cowshole Swamp, 
    border on land formerly JAMES TAYLOR'S
      250 acres on Lime Stone on the west side of the Northeast River, above the 
    Dutch landing, formerly PLUNKER BALLARD'S.
      60 acres on Long Branch joining RIVERBERG'S surveyed for PETER YOUNG, and 
    from him conveyed to JOHN THULLY.
      56 acres on the Northwest side of the Northeast Branch of Cape Fear, 
    formerly the property of WILLIAM BURTON, above said BURTON'S home place.
      300 acres on the north side of Rock-Fifth, within half a mile of Rock Fifth 
    Bridge, formefrly CAFE'S land.
      100 acres on the north side of STEWART'S Creek below the Great Road.
      200 acres on Maxswell's Swamp near THOMAS KEENAN'S old place.
      100 acres on Long Branch, being a branch of Rock Fifth Creek conveyed from 
      Terms may be known and titles examined by applying to:
                                       JOHN BURGWIN
    Hermitage, June 5

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