Pension application of David Quinn

    Pension application of David Quinn W4771
    State of North Carolina, Duplin County: Court of Pleas & Quarter Sessions
    On lead 26th day of November 1832 personally appeared in open Court, before Stephen
    Graham, William F. [?] & Gibson Sloan of the County of Duplin now sitting, David 
    Quinn of said County, who is about Seventy seven years of age who being duly sworn 
    according to law, doth on his oath make the following declaration, in order to obtain 
    the benefit of the Act of Congress passed June 7, 1832, viz: He was drafted in the 
    militia in Duplin County in the year of ____ [blank in original] and was attached to a 
    company commanded by Captain Taylor whose company belonged to the Regiment 
    commanded by Colonel Brown in Genl Lillington's Brigade. In this Regiment he served 
    three months and was discharged at the oaky branch in New Hanover County. He 
    then became the Substitute of Lewis Barfield in the Continental service for twelve 
    months and served in said service as private soldier under the command of Captain 
    John [? could be “Jas” or “Jno” or “Jos”] Rhodes in a Regiment commanded by 
    Colonel Murfree or Murphy and Major ____ [blank in original] Blount. From Duplin 
    where he joined the said Regiment, he marched under the said officers to Hillsborough, 
    then to Salisbury. Thence by Charlotte and Camden to headquarters at Thompson's 
    Fort South of Santee River where Genl Greene was in command. From there he 
    marched with Genl Greene to Eutaw [sic, Eutaw Springs], where he was engaged 
    in the battle at that place, and received a wound in the hip. From Eutaw he was 
    conveyed as a wounded soldier to Camden where he was placed in the hospital. 
    After a partial recovery from the said wound, he again joined the Army at the high 
    hills of Santee under the command of Genl Greene. From thence he was marched 
    to get Bacon's bridge in South Carolina and after the expiration of his term of service 
    of twelve months, at Wilmington in North Carolina under the command of Captain 
    Coleman he was discharged having served in the militia or three months and in the 
    Continental service as aforesaid twelve months.I hereby relinquish every claim 
    whatever to a pension or annuity, except the present, and declare that my name is 
    not on the pension roll of the agency of any state.
    Sworn to and subscribed this day and year aforesaid.
    Test: S/ John [?] Pearsall[?], Clerk S/ David Quinn
    State of North Carolina, Duplin County: Court of Pleas & Quarter Sessions 
    November Term AD 1833
    David Quinn whose declaration is herein enclosed, comes in to Court this 28th of 
    November and makes the following amendment thereto – the defects are as follows:
    1st – the questions and answers --
    2nd – the periods of the war when he served --
    3rd – proof of service
    4th – traditionary evidence
    The following questions and answers were propounded in open Court & sworn to:
    Where and in what year were you born? Answer: In Carteret County N. C. but do 
    not know how old I am.
    Have you any record of your age & if so where is it? I have none as it was torn many 
    years ago from the family Bible & lost.
    Where were you living when called into service? Answer: in Duplin – I took Lewis 
    Barfield's place, he being drafted & declined – he having a wife & family and I have 
    Where have you lived since the Revolutionary war? Answer: In Duplin
    Where do you now live? Within County
    How were you called into service? Answer: I took Barfield's place & my name was 
    put down for his.
    Did you receive a discharge? Yes – in Wilmington – it is long lost.
    Did you ever received a commission? No I referred to William Can [sic ?], whose 
    brother was with me – and were both wounded – also to Gibson Sloane, a 
    magistrate, & Robert Sloane.
    2nd : I served precisely the same time with Thomas Canaday, having joined 
    Captain Rhodes – in this County on the 25th May 1781 & were in service until the 
    first of June of the following year – and the three months service the evidence of 
    which is proved by James Wallace whose affidavit is herewith enclosed was 
    performed in the latter part of 1780 as I had been at home but a short time before 
    I began my campaign for a year.
    Sworn & subscribed the day & year above said;
    Test. S/ James Taylor S/ David Quinn, D his mark
    State of North Carolina, Duplin County
    I Thomas Canaday hereby make oath that I served the period mentioned above 
    with David Quinn at the time mentioned by him and the facts set forth above are 
    true to my own knowledge – the three months mentioned I did not serve – having 
    only understood that he (D Q) served that tour.
    Sworn to & subscribed the day & year above written. S/ Thomas Canaday
    I David Carlton hereby make oath that during the revolutionary war I saw David 
    Quinn who has subscribed the foregoing Declaration in the Camp of General 
    Greene at Bacon's Bridge in South Carolina – that he was discharged shortly 
    after I joined, his time being nearly out – this was in 
    1782 --
    Sworn & subscribed day & year aforesaid. S/ David Carlton

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