Owen Kenan Estate~April 21, 1789

    This information is contributed by Carolyn Shank

    Source: Duplin Court Minutes
    Written: April 21, 1789
    Recorded: April 21, 1789
    21 April, 1789
    Ordered ELEANOR KENAN, Adm'x of OWEN KENAN, dec'd to sell the undivided part 
    of said estate and report to next Court.
    Receipt from JAMES KINEAR to ELEANOR KENAN, Adm'x of OWEN  KENAN, dec'd: I 
    have received one Negro HANAH at 100 pounds, leaving balance of 14.0.0 coming 
    to me out of the Negro property of the deceased and farther I promise to be 
    answerable for my proportionable part of any lawful claims that may hereafter 
    be brought said Estate. Witness my hand Duplin, March 30, 1789, JAMES KINEAR 
    Test.: JOSEPH DICKSON. Receipt proved by JOSEPH DICKSON and ordered registered.
    THOMAS ROUTLEDGE, JAMES KENAN and JOSEPH DICKSON, the Committee to settle and 
    divide the estate of OWEN KENAN, dec'd, between Adm'x and orphans report they 
    have rated and value the Negroes belonging to said Estate as follows:
    1. MACKAY, a man 42 years old        120
    2. JACK, a man 20 years old          145
    3. BETTY, a woman 30 years old       120
    4. CLARINDA, a girl 13 years old     100
    5. HANAH, a girl 11 years old        100
    6. EMANUEL, a boy 8 years old         80
    7. STATUS, a girl 3 years old         50 
                             Total       710 [pounds]
    The Committee assigns to the Widow ELEANOR KENAN 1/3 of the above sum: 236.13.4
    pounds; debt due her 22.19. 6 pounds; 2/3 we conceive to be just to allow & 
    the other 1/3 for her contingent past 15.6.8 pounds; Balance @52 pounds, 
    leaving a balance of 1458 pounds to divide among the four children: SUSANA; 
    CATHARIN; OWEN; and WILEY, giving each an equal share of 114.10 pounds; the 
    remaining consisting of suncries the Committee recommends be sold as they 
    cannot properly ascertain the valule of them. The proportion each to receive 
    as follows:
    Widow - Negro Mack at 120 pounds
            Negro Jack at 145 pounds
                          265 pounds
    Her share being       252 pounds
    Balance from         _____
    widow to children      13 pounds
    JAMES KINEAR, who married SUSANA, one of the Legatees, has chosen and received 
    his share, the Negro girl, SUSANA.  The committe have left the other four 
    Negroes: BETTY, EMANUEL, CLARINDA and STATUS to be equally divided between
    CATHARIN, OWEN, and WILEY, the other three orphans of the deceased. On MR. 
    KINEARS removing HANAH, MRS. KENAN, the EXECUTRIX, paid him 14.10 pounds, 
    being balance due him on the division of Negroes for which the Estate when  
    sold will be indebted to her 1.10 pounds which is to be reimbursed her out of 
    the sales. Court concurred and ordered filed.

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