North Carolina Elections~1803

    Submitted by Sloan Mason

    From Galessís Paper
    We have received the following returns of the elections recently held in this state for 
    members of Congress, viz.
    In this district, Richard Stanford, esq. is elected by a maor of 1691 votes.  Though 
    Mr. Jones (as stated in our last) had a majority of 50 votes in this county, the 
    returns from Chatham and Orange, (which are as follow) give the above majority in 
    favor of Mr. Stanford.
    						   Stanford.	  Jones.
    			Orange,		     1204	   364
    			Chatham,		      993	   8et
    In Fayetteville district, Major S. L. Purviance is elected by a majority of 486 votes.  
    The following is the  State of the poll:
    			Purviance,			2196
    			McFarland,			1710
    			Lanier,		      1226
    			Mr. Hay only a few votes.
    In Halifax district, it is next to certain, that Willis Alston, esq. is elected.  The 
    following is the state of the poll, as far as it is received.
    						 Alston.		   Davie.
    			Halifax county,	   799		          341
    			Northampton,		   411		          346
    			Bertie, upper election, 54	 	     89
    				Watsfordís,	     78		     00
    The principal election in Bertie, we have not heard from, nor precisely from Martin 
    county, though we hear Gen. Davie had a majority of upwards of 200 in it.  There 
    is o doubt, however, of Mr. Alstonís election.
    In Newbern district, we have assurances that William Blackledge, esq. is elected, 
    though we have the returns only from two counties, viz,
    						Blackledge.	      Stanly.
    			Johnson, 		    427             221		
    			Lenoir,		    358		  72
    In Edenton district we understand Thomas Wynns, esq. is elected by a  large majority, 
    though we have not received a particular statement of the poll.
    In the Tarborough district, we hear that the election has been a very close one. 
    Our information makes it probable that Col. Thomas Blount is elected. He had 
    a majority of upwards of 800 votes in Edgecomb; Mr Kennedy had a majority 
    in all the other counties which had been heard from. The returns from hyde 
    and Tyrrel had not been received. Without these, Col. Blount had a majority 
    of 176, and it was expected that the event of these two counties would not 
    materially change the result, as it was expected that the majority in favour of 
    Mrs Kennedy in Tyrrel, would be met by an equal majority in Hyde for Col. 
    Blount. This, it is well known, is not an election on principle, both candidates 
    being republicans.
    In the Rockingham district, we have not heard certainly, though there is little 
    doubt M.D. Williams is elected. The following was the vote in Randolph county:
    Williams 801---W nash 216----Th. Lacey 1.
    Ant. Brown had no vote in this country.
    In Perfom, we have heard that Mr Lacey had a majority if upwards of 100. 
    Guilford, Rockingham, and Caswell, we have no accounts from.
    In Wilmington District, it is supported Col. Gillaspie is elected. We have a 
    complete return, however, only from Sampson county; which is as follows:
    James Gillaspie 478---A.D. Moore 417.
    In Duplin county, it is liated that Col. Gillaspie had four fifths of the votes.
    From the Salisbury, Morganton and Salem Districts, we have not yet received 
    returns; but we have no doubt that Republicans will be elected from each for 
    that we can congratulate the friends of the Republicanisan and of the present 
    Administration, on out having elected 11 out of 12 Representatives, firm 
    Republicans. In the last Congrefs we had only six out of ten.
    From The Warrenton Paper
    First district, Thomas Wynns
    Eight district, Richard Stanford.
    Fourth district, William Blackledge (vice Mr Statilyn)--All Republicans.
    Mr. Alson was elected by a majority of 823.
    Tennesse Elections
    Statement of votes in four respective counties fro Governor.
    Counties            Sevier       Roane
    Washington           741           288
    Carter               398           93
    Greene               632           253
    Sullivan             507           260
                         2293          899
    Majority for Sevier in the four counites, 1399
    Statement of votes in four repective counties for members of Congress.
    Counties           Rhea.    Campbell    Dickson    Cocke
    Washington          999        802         746     471
    Greene              841        582          815     456
    Carter              471        188         196      280
    Sullivan            745        565         660      287
    Extract of a letter from Thomas Appleton Esq. American Consulat Leghorn, 
    to the Secretary of State dated, May 29th 1803.
    "Yesterday I obtained from the Governor who is chief of the Sanita, or Health 
    office, after months of unavailing efforts, considering the total impossiblity of 
    his assertaining at what time and in what places the yellow fever may exist 
    or subside in the ports of the United States, that every Captain of a vessel, 
    who shall be the bearer of a patent or bill of health declaring "that no 
    contageious fever reigns in the town," and certified by the Mayor or first 
    Magistrate, by the chief of the Health Office, and by the naval officers of the 
    port, then such vessel shall be subject only to the usual term of 24 days 
    quarantine, and that the merchandise may remain on board during the period, 
    free from the tax of one percent, but that all vessels not provided with this 
    document shall positively endure the rigor of the present existing law."

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