Murder of John Gaylor~1841

    This information is contributed by Carolyn Shank

    Murder of John GAYLOR, Duplin Co.,-1841
                 Faison's Depot Duplin Cty N C Sept'r 4 - 1841
    Dear Sir    This is to inform you that on the 25th of July 
    last a man by the name of John GAYLOR was murdered in this 
    County at the Store of W'm. HODGES by another by the name of 
    Charles COLEY.  It appears from the evidence that was had 
    before the Jury of Inquest that said COLEY shot GAYLOR in or 
    near the heart, producing almost instant death without 
    little or no provocation on the part of GAYLOR. COLEY made 
    his escape immediately;  and has not been seen but by few 
    persons since.  It is believed that he is lurking in this or 
    some of the ajoining Counties as he has a wife and two 
    children living in this County together with other 
    relatives. COLEY is a man about 28 years of age 5 feet 9 or 
    10 - inches high - stoutly made ruddy complexion and healthy 
    appearance with blue eyes and sandy hair, much given to curl 
    when long;  he generally wears it very short, he has a good 
    set of teeth and tans red when exposed to the sun. This 
    letter is to you written by me at the request of a brother 
    of the deceased, who seems anxious that you should be 
    informed of the circumstance and imploring your aid as Chief 
    Magistrate of the state in bringing the offinder to trial. 
    The deceased left a wife and six sons to bemoun their 
    irreparable loss &c
    John MOREHEAD, Esq'r Governor of N.C.   Yours Respectfully, 
    Bryan W. HERRING
    On reverse:  B. W. HERRING
    Sept. 24, 1841
    Charging C. COLEY with the murder of John GAYLOR
    Copied L(etter) B(ook) page 174          file
    From:  Faisons Depot N. C. Sept. 8          12 1/2 (postage)
    To:  John Morehead Esq'r
    Raleigh, N. Ca. 
    Source:  Governor's Papers.  John M. Morehead - Govenor, 
    July - September 1841.  G. P. 98.  Last folder.  

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