Petition for Reward for Murder of Abram Kornegay~1828

    This information is contributed by Carolyn Shank

    Petition for Reward for Murder of Abram KORNEGAY-1828
    Duplin County
    The Committee of Claims to whom was referred a Resolution instructing them to enquire 
    into the expediency of allowing Bryan KORNEGAY and Henry KORNEGAY of Duplin County, 
    three hundred dollars, for the apprehension of Joseph SOLLIS, who stood indicted in 
    said County, for the murder of Abram KORNEGAY - have had the same under Consideration, 
    and respectfully report - 
    That the fact is as stated in the Resolution; but the Committee are of opinion, that 
    in law, the parties in whose behalf this application is made are unquestionably not 
    entitled to the remuneration, which they claim, nor do they believe that it is either 
    expedient or politic to allow it. The Claimants had no right to look for it to the 
    Legislative - the offer was voluntary on their part, and altho' their feelings, as 
    Relations of the Murdered individual might have been more excited, yet they had no 
    more authority to offer a reward in this case, than any other individual - It is made 
    the duty of the Governor, when a criminal escapes, and flies beyond the pursuit of 
    justice, to offer a reward for his apprehension - But this was not the case in this 
    instance. From the relation in which the Citizen stands to Society, without any 
    additional inducement it is his Duty to aid and assist in bringing to Justice the 
    perpetrators of crimes - Allow, however, this application and the inevitable effect 
    will be that but few men will move in an affair of this kind, until a sufficient 
    inducement, by way of reward, is held out to them - Criminals, of course, will 
    frequently escape, and there will be no end to applications to the Legislature 
    similar to this. For these reasons, the Committee recommends the adoption of the 
    following resolution - Resolved that it is inexpedient to grant the prayer of the 
    Respectfully submitted.
    Thos. LOVE, Chm.
    Resolved that the Committee on Claims be instructed to enquire into the expediency 
    of allowing Bryan KORNEGAY and Henry KORNEGAY of Duplin County the sum of three 
    hundred dollars which they gave for the apprehension of one Joseph SOLLIS who Stood 
    indicted in the said County for the murder of Abram KORNEGAY.
    Resolution instructing the Com'e on Claims &c
    In the Senate  Decem'r 29, 1828.  Read and agreed to.
    By Order.
    Mr. MILLER
    Report of the Com'e of Claims on the Resolution in favour of Bryan & Henry KORNEGAY.
    In Senate Decem'r 3, 1828.  Read and on motion of Mr. WELLBORN ordered to be 
    postponed indefinitely.
    By Order.
    Mr. LOVE Chair'n

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