John Boney~April 15, 1793

    This information is contributed by Carolyn Shank

    Source: Duplin Court Of Pleas Minutes
    Written: April 15, 1793
    Recorded: April 15, 1793
    15 April 1793 DUPLIN COURT MINUTES 
    Inventory of the estate of JOHN BONEY, deceased, exhibited by Adm'rs. Ordered 
    filed and recorded.
    As JAMES MAXWELL, JOHN  DICKSON and WILLIAM MCCANN were appointed a Committee 
    to value and divide the estate of JOHN BONEY, deceased, between the widow and 
    orphans and to lay off the widow her share, said committee reports they have 
    proceeded to value said estate, agreeable to a list herewith rendered and 
    filled: to the amount of 319.10.8 pounds. They gave the widow 79.17.8 pounds 
    out of the articles valued being 1/4 part and her receipt therewith for same: 
    The committee did not value the corn and meat intended for the family's year's 
    provision as the widow agreed with the Administrators to feed and cloath the children 
    for one year for the Provisions, cotton,  ___,  which was provided for the family's 
    Court concurred and ordered  also that the Administrators of JOHN BONEY, 
    deceased, pay JANE BONEY, widow of said deceased the 3rd part of personal
    estate of JOHN BONEY, dec'd. , one of the orphan children of said JOHN BONEY.

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