Jacob Pickett Murder~1769

    This information is contributed by Carolyn Shank

    Source:  S. S. (General Assembly) Committee of Claims, Coroner's Inquests,
             S. S. 316.
    North Carolina}
    Duplin County}
    Inquisition Indented, taken at the house of Solomon PICKETTS, in the County
    aforesaid the Eighteenth day of february in the year of our Lord One thousand 
    Seven hundred and Sixty Nine before me Andrew McINTIRE, one of the Coroners of 
    the Said County, on View of the Body of Jacob PICKETT, late of the Aforesaid 
    County, then and there lying Dead;  and upon the Oath of Joseph WILSON foreman,
    Jeremiah FOULSOM, Jonathan THORRELL, Will'm FOULSOM, Rob't SOUTHERLAND Jun'r, 
    Rob't BISHOP, Abraham NUSOM, Shadrick STALLINGS, John BROCK, Barnet BROCK, 
    Aron HODGESON, Benjam'n LANIER, James RATLIFF, William McCANN, good and lawfull 
    people of the Parish of S't Gabriel in the Aforesaid County of Duplin who being 
    Charged and Sworn to enquire how, and in what manner the Said Jacob PICKETT, by 
    his Death came;  upon their Oaths, do Say, that on the Sixth Instant in the Night 
    at or near the House of William PICKETT Senior, in the County aforesaid, one 
    Alexander MOBLEY Did then and there willfuly Stab the Said Jacob PICKETT in the 
    Bely of Six and halfe Inches in lenth, and one cut in ye Necke of 3 1/2 Inches in 
    lenth which was the cause of his Death by force, and Arms did assault the said 
    Jacob PICKETT being then and there in the Peace of God, and of our lord the King;  
    and that the Saids Alexander MOBLEY Did with a Certain Knife of the value of Eight 
    pence which the Said Alexander MOBLEY in his Right hand then and there held,
    feloniously, and of his Malice forethought, did give the aforesaid Jacob PICKETT 
    one Stab or mortal Wound in the Belly of the length of Six & ahalf Inches, likewise 
    one other Stab in the Neck of the lenth of three & ahalf Inches of which Wounds the 
    Said Jacob PICKETT dyed on the fifteenth of Instant in the Night, and so the 
    Aforesaids Alexander MOBLEY did him the Said Jacob PICKETT, then and there 
    feloniously Stabed and Mortally Wounded, and Wilfully Murdered Contrary to the 
    Peace of our Sovereign Lord the King his Crown and Dignity, and further the Said 
    Jurors upon their Oaths, do Say, that the aforesaids Alexander MOBLEY at the time 
    of Committing the felony and murder aforesaid, had in his possession Lands Goods 
    and Chattels in the County aforesaid, as is supposed to the Knowledge of the Jurors 
    aforesaid, in Testimony whereof, as well I the Said Coroner, as the Jurors aforesaid, 
    to this Inquisition have Severally, put our Seals, the Day, Year, and Place, first 
    above mentioned.
    And'w McINTIRE coronor {Seal}
                                                         Jos. WILLSON  {Seal}
                                                     Jeremiah FOULSON  {Seal}
                                      Jonathan (his "x" mark) THORALD  {Seal}
                                                           Wm FOULSOM  {Seal}
                                               Ro__ Southerland Jun'r  {Seal}
                                                        Robert BISHOP  {Seal}
                                        Abraham (his "x" mark) NEUSOM  {Seal}
                                     Shadrak (his "x" mark) STALLINGS  {Seal}
                                                           John BROCK  {Seal}
                                                         Barnet BROCK  {Seal}
                                                       Aaron HODGESON  {Seal}
                                                      Benjamin LANIER  {Seal}
                                         James (his "x" mark) RATLIFF  {Seal}
                                                      William M'CANIE  {Seal}
    On the reverse:  North Carolina.  Duplin County.  You William HUSTON,
    Charles GOFF and
    Margrett PICKETT, all.

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