Excerpts from Pleas and Quarter Sessions of Duplin County Court January 22 1812

    This information is contributed by Fran West Powell

    Ordered that James Hall, Phill Southerland, Esq'r, and Nathan Waller be a Committee
    to settle the accounts of the Estate of Abraham Andrews, dec'd, with John Farrier, an
    Ex'r with Joseph T. Rhodes, of the last Will and Testament of said dec'd and report the
    same to next Court.
    Lewis Smith, being sited [sic] to appear and shew cause, etc., why execution should
    not issue against him in favor of Elizabeth Powell, etc. He is discharged.
    TheCourt proceeded to draw the Jury for next Term, viz: April 1812,and drew as
    1. Hosea Lanier
    2. Isaiah Smith
    3. Joshua Platt .
    4. Jacob Wells, H
    5. Lewis Norris
    6. ,Brinson Shivers
    7. Thomas Kenneday
    8. Benjamin Herring
    9. William Pickett
    10. Sam'l Davis, N.E.
    11. William Chasten
    12. Nathan Fountain
    13. Benjamin Best
    14. Thomas Heath
    15. John Swinson
    16. Burwell Branch
    17. Byrd Williams
    1R David Kornegay
    19. Joseph Dickson
    20. John Boyett
    21. Daniel Murray
    22. "Jesse Lanier, Sr.,.
    23. Frederick Smith, Jr.
    24. Joseph Watson
    25. Enoch Newton
    26. David Middleton
    27. Joseph Gillespie
    28. William Hall, Jr.
    29. Benjamin Hawkins
    30. Bently Wesson
    The Venieri [sic] for this Jury is not to issue by order of the Court.
    Ordered that James Hall, Clerk of the Sup'r Court, be allowed to be paid by the
    County Trustee the sum of $4.80 for issuing Jury Ticketts.
    Deed: Edward Armstrong to Henry Cannon for 700 acres of land was acknowledged
    in Court and ordered to be registered.
    The Court proceeded to draw the Jury for next Superior Court and drew as follows:
    1. Daniel West
    2. John Padget
    3. Isom Faison
    4. Shadrack Stallings, Jr..
    5. James Matthews
    6. JamesJohnson
    7. Benjamin Lanier, Esq'r
    8. Joseph Brooks
    9. Stephen Hancock
    10. Thomas Graddy.
    11. Nicanor Murray
    12. William Roberts
    13. Gibson Sloan, Esq'r
    14. Bryan Farrior
    15. W'm Beck, Esq'r
    16. Henry Graddy, Esq'r
    17. William Browning
    18. Reuben Norris
    19. John Johnson (Grove)
    20. James Allen

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