Excerpts from Pleas and Quarter Sessions of Duplin County Court January 20 1812

    This information is contributed by Fran West Powell

    At a County Court begun and held for the County of Duplin at the Court House in the
    said County on the third Monday of January, being the 20th day of said month in the
    year of our Lord 1812.
    Present: The Worshipfull Timothy Teachey, Phill Southerland, Frederick Pickett,
    Timothy Spence is ·appointed to attend the Court as a Constable this Term.
    Daniel Herring is appointed to attend the Grand Jury as Constable this Term.
    Bela W. Strong, Esq'r, came before the Court and produced a license from under the
    hand and seal of the Hon'b John Lewis Taylor and Francis Locke, two of the Judges of
    the Superior Court of law, authorizing him, the said Bela W. Strong, to plead and
    practice as an Attorney and Councilor at Law and Equity in this State; and took the
    oaths prescribed by law for the qualification of public officers and the oath of an
    attorney and took his seat at the Barr of the Court.
    The said Bela W. Strong has also paid into this office ten [£10]pounds current money,
    the tax by law on the admission of an Attorney.
    The Grand Jury, being called, tried and' sworn, answered to their names on the panel,
    to wit:
    1. William McGee, Foreman
    2. James Murray
    3. William Bland
    4. James Pearsall, Jr.
    5. Timothy Bryan
    6. William Frederick, Jr.
    7. John Roberts
    8. Thomas Garrison
    9. James Gufford
    10. William Hunter
    11. William Branch
    12. John Mercer
    13. James West
    14. William Sloan
    15. William Boyet
    16. James Cavenagh
    17. Abraham Glisson
    18. Joseph Williams
    The Petit Jury being called and qualified, to wit:
    1. Joseph Hodgeson
    2. Jesse Hardy
    3. Stephen Brown
    4. John Crumpton
    5. William McCurdy
    6. Solomon Rouse
    - Venieri men -
    7. Archibald Thomas
    8. Uriah Blanshard
    9. Willis Hines
    10. Williams Dickson
    11. John Swinson
    12. William Frederick, Sr.
    - Tallismen -

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