Excerpts from Pleas and Quarter Sessions of Duplin County Court January 17 1816

    This information is contributed by Fran West Powell

    Wednesday Morning 17 January 1816
    The Court met according to adjournment.
    Present: The Worshipfull James Wright, John Beck, John Hunter, Archibald
    Maxwell, Esquires
    Upon motion ordered that Daniel Murray have leave to build a public grist mill on a
    stream known by the name of the Big Branch nearly opposite his house, with all the
    privileges and benefits accruing thereto according to law.
    Upon motion ordered that Elizabeth Knowles have judgement against William West
    and his securities for the sum of forty-three [$43.00] dollars for her expenses and
    trouble in lying in, nursing and maintaining a bastard child begotten on her body by
    the said William West - for two years ending this term. Ordered that Execution issue
    to Bladen County against said William West and his securities.
    Ordered that Thomas Phillips and Stephen Brown and Jesse Brown shall work on the
    Road under Robert Middleton, Overseer.
    A Report of the Settlement, division of Negroes, etc., of a part of the Estate of Edward
    Blackmore, dec'd, to wit: the part of said Estate coming to Nancy Davis, wife of
    Oroondatis Davis and Harrell Blackmore, heirs of the said deceased, was returned
    to Court and concurred and ordered to be recorded and filed.
    Ordered that Jo. Gillespie's hands and George McGowen's and Thomas Sheppard's
    hands shall work on the road under William Mallard, Overseer.

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