Excerpts from Pleas and Quarter Sessions of Duplin County Court January 16 1816

    This information is contributed by Fran West Powell

    These are continued from a page not available as of this posting.
    deceased, by which they have laid off and allotted to the said Susanna Williams, two
    Negroes, to wit: Jacob, a boy about nine years old, and Celia, a girl about three years
    old, and fifty [$50.00] dollars in money; concurred in Court and report filed.
    An Inventory of the Estate of Joseph Mathis, dec'd, returned to Court by Jacob Mathis,
    the Adm'ri ordered to be recorded.
    An Account of the Sale of the Estate of Joseph Mathis, dec'd, was returned to Court
    by Jacob Mathis, the Adm'r; ordered to be recorded.
    Jacob Mathis is appointed Overseer of the Road in the room of John Monk and to have
    the same District and hands.
    Upon motion Willis Sikes has obtained leave to erect a store house on the Court House
    lott, so as not to be too near the Court House to interrupt the business of the Court.
    A Report of the Committee appointed to settle with Zilpah Cummins and the heirs of
    Benjamin Byrd, dec'd, was returned to Court, concurred and ordered to be recorded
    and filed.
    The Court adjourned till tomorrow morning, nine o' clock.

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