Election ~1852

    Transcribed by Mollie Gainey-Stanley

    By Telegraph to the New York Daily Times
    The North Carolina Election 
    Baltimore, Saturday, Aug. 7
    The returns of the State election in North Carolina come in very slowly. We transmit 
    the vote for Governor, so far as received, compared with the election for the same 
    office two years ago:
    	1852		1850	
    Counties	Dem	Whig	Dem	Whig
    Anson	513	1,088	502	1,013
    Brunswick	-	48	266	306
    Cumberland	1,368	783	1,310	602
    Chowan	20	-	223	281
    Duplin, 3 precincts	300	-	1,035	226
    Halifax	-	75	536	485
    Moore	643	614	589	671
    New-Hanover	800	-	1,187	278
    Perquimans	-	40	291	317
    Pasquotank	-	142	217	390
    Robeson	760	693	626	262
    Sampson	905	509	853	587
    Wake	430	-	1,450	979
    Total	5,691	4,082	9,379	6,457
    The vote is very large, and, thus far, there is a small gain for JOHN KERR, the Whig candidate, 
    who, it is generally thought, is elected. 
    A dispatch dated Raleigh, yesterday, says REID gains 125 in four counties in that vicinity. 
    The Whigs gain two Commoners in Chowan and Perquimans. 
    Whig Senators are elected in Chowan, Gates, Pasquotank and Perquimans. 
    In Northampton there is a Whig gain, and in Robeson the Whigs gain a Commoner. 
    BARRETT, (Dem.,) is elected to the Commons, in Moore County. The vote for Governor in this 
    County, showed a Whig loss of 111. 
    A Whig Senator is elected from Perquimans County, and one from Chowan County. Whig 
    Senators are also supposed to be elected from Camden and Currituck Counties. 
    In Chowan County a Whig Representative is elected to the House of Commons, and KERR, for 
    Governor, receives an increased vote. 
    The present indications are, that the Whigs will have a majority in the Legislature. 
    LATER….BALTIMORE, Sunday, Aug. 8. 
    The Washington Union has a dispatch stating that in eighteen Counties in North- Carolina, REID 
    (Democrat Governor) gains 658. The Whigs gain seven and lose four Commoners. The Senate is 
    Additional and corrected returns show the following results: - Pasquotank County, KERR 184 
    majority; Chowan, KERR 21 majority; Halifax, KERR 551, REID 541; Northampton, KERR 524, 
    REID 586; Hertford, KERR 114 majority; Gates, REID 40 majority; Camden, KERR 375 majority; 
    Martin, REID 410 majority; Bertie, KERR 107 majority; Washington, REID 50 majority. 
    The Whigs gain two Commoners in Halifax County. So far we make five Whig gain in the Commons, 
    which; without further changes, would tie that body. 
    “REID is almost certainly elected.” 
    The Whigs gain two Commoners in Johnston, one in Bladen, and lose one in Northampton, and one 
    is Columbus. 
    REID is chosen beyond all doubt, and the vote is very large. The Legislature is doubtful. The Whigs 
    have the best chance for the Commons. 
    The votes of the following Counties have been received:
                       Kerr            Reid                        Kerr              Reid
    New Hanover ..     350             1,342             Columbus….. 198               413
    Duplin……..         190             1,072             Wayne…….    268              1,096
    Onslow…….         167               694              Lenoir……..   –maj.            186
    Bladen………        358              631              Brunswick…. 74 maj.
    The New York Times
    Published: August 9, 1852

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