Coroner's Inquest to Death of Edward Matchett~1763

    This information is contributed by Carolyn Shank

    Source:  Secretery of State, General Assembly, Committee of Claims, Coroners
    Inquests, 1738-1775.  S.S.316.
    Coroner's Inquest to Death of Edward MATCHETT-1763
    The Inquisition in Dented taken at the House of Tho's KENAN In the County
    afores'd the third Day of March in the Year of Our Lord 1763 before one
    Edward BYRD, Gen't. on of the Coroners of the Said County Upon View of the
    body of Edward MATCHITT Late of S'd County Then and There lying Dead, and
    upon the Oath of Col. Felix KENAN Good and Lawfull men of the Parish of St.
    Gabriel in the said County of Duplin who being Charg'd and Sworn to Enquire
    how and in What manor the s'd Edward MATCHITT by his Death Came; upon there
    Oaths Do Say that on the Second Day of March in the Year and at the Place
    afores'd came by his Death by the faling of a horse against a pine Tree.
    In Testimony where of I as well as the s'd Coroner as the Jourior afores'd
    to this Inquisition have Seaverlly put our Seals the Day ,Year and Place
    above Mentioned.
    Joseph WILLIAMS, Forman
    Thos. KENAN
    David THOMSON
    Anthony MILLER
    Michael KING
    William PITTMAN
    Archbil BELL
    Thomas HICKS
    Moses SMITH
    Andr'w THOMSON
    John AUSTINE
    Denis FOLLEY
    John DICKSON
    Benjamin JOHNSTON
    Jos. WILLSON
    Before me the date above Written, Edwd. BIRD, Coroner
    NB  fees paid

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