Cherry Harmon (freedwoman) incapable

    Bound because their mother is an imbecile and incapable of caring for them. 
    State of North Carolina 
    Duplin Co., April 3rd, 1866 
    Personally appeared before me Daniel J. Rivenbark an acting Justice of the Peace for the County 
    of Duplin, State of North Carolin, Owen B. Morissey who maketh oath that he is personally 
    acquainted with Cherry Harmon (freedwoman) and knows her to be unable to provide for her children 
    and further maketh oath that the said Cherry Harmon is incapable of managing or taking care of 
    her children. This deponent further deposes that the said Cherry Harmon has eight children. 
    O. B. Morissey
    Sworn to and subscribed before me this third day of April A.D. 1866. Daniel J. Rivenbark.
    State of North Carolina
    Duplin County, Court Clerk's Office
    I, W. R. Bell, Clerk of the Court of Pleas & Quarter Session for said County do hereby certify that 
    Daniel Rivenbark whose genuine signature appears to the foregoing affidavit is and was at that 
    time an acting Justice of the Peace in and for said County and full faith and credit is due to all his 
    acts as such. Given under my hand and seal of office at office in Kenansville the fifth day of April 
    1866. Walter R. Bell, Clk.

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