Application for Liquor License 1897

    Contributed by: J. Kevin Howard

    “Application for Liquor License 1897,” Duplin County Miscellaneous Records, n.d., 
    1754-1947: Application-County Accounts [C.R.035.928.3], 
    North Carolina State Archives, 109 East Jones Street, Raleigh, NC 27601-2807.
    North Carolina }
    Duplin County  }
    		The undersigned prays 
    Your Honorable Board to grant him an order
    to the Sherriff of Duplin County requiring said
    Sherriff to issue to said applicant a license
    to sell spirituous Vinous and malt Liquors and
    medicated Bitters in the store house now occupied
    by said applicant in the town of Magnolia in
    quantities of Five Gallons or less beginning the
    first Day of January 1898 and ending the
    30st [sic]* day of June 1898.
    		That the sale of Liquors is not
    prohibited by law in the said town and that
    the said building specified is within the 
    limits of said town and not within Two
    Hundred feet in a direct line of any Church
    Edifice or the premises pertaining thereto.
    Wherefore he prays that we order issue to the
    Sherriff to grant him license.
    J. A. Mathis applicant
    We				and	O. R. Strickland
    F. D. Scott				W. F. Pickett
    J. K. Bradshaw			W. W. Wilson
    G[…] Edwards
    Residents of Magnolia Township and freeholders
    within the County each for himself doth depose
    and say. that they are aquainted with J. A.
    Mathis the applicant above named and that
    he is a propper person to sell spiritious Vineous
    and Malt Liquors and that the building
    specified in said application is a suitable
    place for the business to be carried on.
    Subscribed and sworn to
    before me this the 4 Day of Dec 1897.
    D T McMillan J.P					
    F. D. Scott
    					J. K. Bradshaw
    					G. W. Edwards
    					O. R. Strickland
    					W. F. Pickett
    					W. W. Wilson"
    *The date was originally written as “31st day of June 1898."

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