Academy Students Receive Commendation

    Submitted by Sloan Mason

    We lately mentioned in terms of commendation those Students of the Academy who attended 
    when the classes were forming in the first week of the session, and as it is but just the public 
    should know whom we did commend we subjoin a list of their names.
    Jesse Averit, from Bertie				William M’Cullers, Wake
    D. Bailey, Charleston, S.C.			Alex. M’Keethen, Raleigh
    Rob’t Barrow, West Florida			John Marshall, Raleigh
    F. Charlton, Nansemond, VA			George Outlaw, Bertie
    Francis Casso, Raleigh				Joseph Outlaw, Bertie
    Henry Cooke, Raleigh				Lawrence O’Bryan Tarboro
    Charles Fisher, Rowan				John Roulhac, Martin
    Jon Fisher, Rowan					David Smith, Pitt county
    Henry Fowler, Wake				      John Scott, Raleigh
    S. K. Fuller, New York				Matthew Shaw, Raleigh
    D. Goodman, Gates county			      Henry II Turner, Wake
    Weston Gates, Raleigh				Willis Vick, Mis. Territory
    Tho’s. Hill, Duplin county			Henry Vick, Mis. Territory
    William Hunter, Wake				Hartwell, Vick, Mis. Territory
    William Haywood, Raleigh			       John Wilson, Raleigh
    John Jones, Wake					Willis Whitaker, Wake
    Joseph Lane, Wake
    Stella Armstead, Mecklenburg, Virg.		Charity Haywood, Raleigh
    Susan Barnett, Mecklenburg, N.C.		Fanny M. Henderson, Rockingham
    Celia Brickell, Franklin				Mary Hunter, Wake
    Ann Bailey, Charleston, S.C.			Temperance James, Duplin
    Amelia Fisher, Salisbury				Mary M’Kethan, Raleigh
    Eliza Forney, Lincoln				Fanny Roulhac, Martin
    Ann Gates, Raleigh				       Eliza Strudwick, Orange
    Caroline Gales, Raleigh				Mary Shaw, Raleigh
    Patsey Goodman, Gates				Eliza White, Raleigh
    Eliza J. Haywood, Raleigh			       Eleanor White, Raleigh
    Sally L. Haywood, Raleigh			       Mary Williamson, Person
    Alex. Boylan, Wake				      Washington Haywood, Wake
    John Boylan, Wake				      John M’Kethan, Wake
    Christopher Christopher, Wake		      Sterling Marshall, Wake
    John Christopher, Wake				Daniel Peck, Wake
    James Cook, Wake	                         Charles Polk, Kershaw District, S.C.
    Alfred Haywood, Wake	                   Lucius Polk, Wake	
    Benjamin Haywood, Wake	                   Thomas Shaw, Wake
    Fabius Haywood, Wake	                   William Shaw, Wake
    John Haywood, Wake	                         Washington Yancy, Wake
    Rufus Haywood, Wake
    Thomas Haywood, Wake
    SOURCE: The Star (Duplin), 1/24/1811

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