Reward for Three Negro Men

    Submitted by Sloan Mason

    Carolina Federal Republic
    September 6, 1817
    50 Dollars REWARD
    Ran-away from the subscriber living on Lime Stone Creek, Duplin County on the 
    30th of August, three Negro Men, named SAMPSON--JOE and BILL--Sampson 
    is about 50 years of age, 5 feet 3 or 4 inches high, dark complexion, thick set 
    from hips up, and below rather than slender; had on when he went away a 
    Tarpolin Hat, and a homespun Jacket and Trowsers. Joe is about 30 years
    of age, tall six feet high, black complexion, & slender made, the middle toe on 
    his right foot is off--had on when he went away, a striped round Jacket and 
    a new fird Hat.__Bill is about 20 years of age, five feet high, very black, 
    slender built, dress not recollected. They all speak broken English, not being 
    in long in the country.  I suppose they will make for some seaport Town, and 
    try and get on board some vessel, either at Newbern, Swansborough, or 
    Wilmington. I will give the above reward of Fifty Dollars to any person that will 
    apprehend said Negroes and deliver them to me in Duplin County, or secure 
    them in any Jail in this State, so that I get them again, and all reasonable
    expences shall be paid, or a proportionable part for each of the above described
     fellows. All persons are forwarned from harbouring, employing or carrying them 
    out of the state, under the penalty of law.
    Easler Killpatrick
    Duplin County, Sept. 6th--?(p.d.)

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