Duplin's Two-Story Jail 1908

    Submitted by Carolyn Shank

    Charlotte Observer 1908
    23 Feb 1908
    The Observer's references to the live question of a one-story jail and a two-
    story jail in Duplin County recalls the fact that, over in the neighboring 
    county of Caswell, the installation of a typewriter in the office of the 
    register of deeds is a burning issue in Democratic county politics. The county 
    paper has attacked the register of deeds for his wanton extravagance in 
    spending the people's money for a machine to do work that the official is paid 
    to do himself. A warm campaign in Caswell is anticipated.
    Charlotte Observer
    8 Mar 1908
    The Duplin County jail controversy having subsided, at least temporarily, we 
    should like to know how the register of deeds of Caswell County, who is under 
    fire for having invested the people's money in a typrwriter for his office, is 
    coming along with his campaign for re-election and vindication.
    Charlotte Observer
    10 May 1908
    We have depressing news from Caswell, where the most interesting campaign in 
    the State is in progress. The register of deeds, an unfaithful servant, bought 
    a typewriter for his office and paid for it out of the people's money. He has 
    had the effrontery, after this act of extravagance, which amounts almost to a 
    breach of trust, to offer for re-election; and would you believe it? The word 
    comes that he and the typewriter are going to win out. This would be a 
    distressing proof of the degeneracy of the electorate, become so godden and 
    insensate as to be indifferent to the squandering of the public money by 
    reckless and defiant officials. It is not surprising that Caswell is in a 
    quiver of excitement, unequaled in intensity by that which prevailed in Duplin 
    a few months ago growing out of the controversy about whether the county 
    should have a one-story or a two-story jail and resulting in a primary on the 

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