First Universalist Society of Duplin County

    Submitted by Sloan Mason

    From the (Wilmington, N.C.) Liberalist
    The First Universalist Society of Duplin County, N.C. held its Annual Meting at the Court 
    House, Kenansville, on the 11th ult. and chose the following officers for the ensuring year:
    		Col. David Hooks, Moderator.
    		Br. Oliver L. Kelly, Clerk.
    		Br. John Miller, Treasurer.
    		Br. James M. Nixon, Correspond. Secíry.
    By a vote of the Society, they consider themselves an Auxiliary Branch of the Universalist Book 
    Society of New York.  The regular places for preaching, established within the limits of the 
    Duplin Society, are New Hope, Union (Poley Bridge), Kenansville, and Lime Stone: Once a 
    month at each place.  The times of the appointments, will be permanently fixed in a short time.  
    We understand it is intended to erect a house of worship, for the  accommodation of the Society, 
    at Kenansville, for which purpose a subscription is now open.  The other three stations are already 
    furnished with Meeting Houses.
    We congratulate the friends of truth, on the animating prospect now before us.  Our struggle for 
    life has been long and ardous; but the cause we espouse has at length prevailed over all 
    opposition, our efforts have been systematized, and the Order, of which we have the happiness 
    to be members, though here, in its infancy, is fixed on a permanent and immoveable basis.  In 
    point of character, and respectable standing in Society, we are willing to compare the Universalists 
    of North Carolina, with any other order of Christians in the State.  We would request of the Clerks 
    or Corresponding Secretaries of the Universal Societies of N. Hanover, Sampson, and Onslow, to 
    hand or send in the minutes of their First Annual Meetings for publication, when convenient.---
    SOURCE:  Universalist Magazine [Duplin], 8/11/1827

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