Joseph Green Dunn Death Certificate-- Dec 20, 1938 DIVISION OF HEALTH SERVICES-VITAL RECORDS BRANCH

Joseph Green Dunn-- Dec 20, 1938

(Transcribed by David B Dunn) B.V.S. FORM 11 NORTH CAROLINA STATE BOAD OF HEALTH 228 BUREAU OF VITAL STATISTICS STANDARD CERTIFICATE OF DEATH 1. PLACE OF DEATH: County: Duplin Registration Dist. No. 31-05 Certificate No. 28 Township: Kenansville 2. FULL NAME: Joseph Green Dunn (a) Residence: Rt. 1 Kenansville N.C. PERSONAN AND STATISTICAL PARTICULARS 3. SEX: Male 4. COLOR: White 5. Marital status: Widowed 5a Wife: Elizabeth Whitman 6. DATE OF BIRTH : Blank 7. AGE: 75 YEARS 8. TRADE: Farmer 9.PLACE WHERE TRADE IS DONE: Farm 10. DATE DECEASED LAST WORKED AT THIS OCCUPATION: Jan 1930 11. Total years spent at this occupation: Life 12. BIRTHPLACE: Duplin County N.C. 13. FATHERS NAME: Benjamin Dunn 14. BIRTHPLACE OF FATHER: Johnston County N.C. 15. MOTHERS MADEN NAME: Blank 16.BIRTH PLACE OF MOTHER: Blank 17. INFORMANT: H. M. Mitchell Seven Springs, N.C. 18. BURIAL, CREMATION OR REMOVAL: Burial PLACE: Mays Chapel Cemetery, Wayne County N.C. 19. UNDERTAKER: Palace Funeral Home, Goldsboro, N.C. 20. FILED: 1-04-1939 C.E. Stephens Registrar MEDICAL CERTIFICATE OF DEATH 21. DATE OF DEATH: 12-20-1938 22. I HEREBY CERTIFY, That I attended deceased from May 4, 1936 to Dec 20, 1938 I last saw him alive Dec. 20, 1938. Death is said to have Occurred on the date stated above, at 11:15 pm. The principle Cause of death and related causes of importance in order of Onset were as follows: Chronic Myocarditis. Date of onset; Years 23. If death was due to external causes ( Violence finn in also the following): Blank 24. Was Disease or injury in any way related to occupation of deceased? Blank SIGNED: Guy V. Gooding , Kenansville, N.C.

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