Caledonia Jones Dunn Death Certificate-- March 11, 1944 DIVISION OF HEALTH SERVICES-VITAL RECORDS BRANCH

Caledonia Jones Dunn Death Certificate-- March 11, 1944

(Transcribed by David B Dunn)

B.V.S. FORM 11
1. PLACE OF DEATH: Registration Dist. No.31-05 Certificate No. 7 (a) County: Duplin 2. HOME (USUAL RESIDENCE) OF DECEASED: (b) Township: Kennansville (a) State: N. C. (b) County: Lenoir (c) City or Town: Rural (c) City or Town: Kinston (d) Street, Hospital, institution: Blank (d) Street or Rfd.: Blank (e) length of stay in hospital or institution: Blank (e) is place of residence in corporate limits: yes in this community Blank (f) if foreign born, how long in U.S.A.: Blank years MEDICAL CERTIFICATION 3. (a) Full Name: Caledonia Dunn 20. Date of Death: March 11/ 1944 At 11:00 PM (b) if veteran, name war: blank 21. I certify that death occurred on the date above stated; that (c) Social Security No.: Blank I attended deceased from March 6, 1944 to Mar 11,1944 4. Sex: Female 5. Color or Race: White and that I last saw her alive on March 11, 1944. 6. (a) Marital status: Widowed immediate cause of death: 1. Chronic Myaulitis(?) (b) Name of Husband: D. B. Dunn With Hypertintion(?) Duration 1-2 Years 7. Birth of Deceased: Jan. 28, 1879 22. If death was due to external causes, fill in the following: 8. Age: 65 Years 1 Months 12 days (a) Accident, suicide, or homicide: Blank 9. Birth Place: Johnston County (b) Date of occurrence: Blank 10. Usual Occupation: Domestic (c) Where did injury occur: Blank 11.Industry or Business: Blank (d) Did injury occur about home, on farm, in industry 12. Fathers name: William Gus Jones place, in a public place: blank 13. Birthplace of father: Wayne Co. N.c. (e)means of injury: blank 14. Mothers Maiden Name: Nancy Sullivan 23. Signature: G. V. Gooding 15. Birthplace of mother: Duplin Address: Kennansville N.C. 16. (a) Informants Signature: E. T. Dunn (b) Informants address: Jacksonville N.C. 17. (a) Burial Cremation or Removal: Burial (b) Date Thereof: Blank (c) Cemetery: Sarecta (d) Location: near Kenansville N.C. 18. (a) Funeral Director: Quinn-McGowan Co.\ (b) Address: Warsaw, N.C. 19 (a) Filed: 3-22-1944 (b) Registrar: Mrs Lawrence Southerland

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