North Carolina Marriage Records 1801

    Transcribed by Diane Siniard

    Armstrong, Sally to James Coman, Jan. 15, Raleigh. R.R. Jan. 20, 1801
    Avery, Jonathan to Polly Cook, Apr. 19, Wilmington. R.R. Apr. 28, 1801
    Binford, Susan of Northampton county to Daniel Mason of Halifax county, Nov. 10 
    R.R. Nov. 17, 1801
    Bland, Polly to Thomas Olive, Apr. 12 Raleigh. R.R. Apr. 14, 1801
    Boylan, William of Raleigh to Betsey M'Culloch of Halifax, Nov. 4, Halifax county. 
    R.R. Nov. 10, 1801
    Bragg, John of Craven county to Mrs Mary Taylor of Newbern, Sept. 1, Newbern. 
    R.R. Sept. 22, 1801
    Bryan, John Arthur to Eliza Smith, Nov. 26, Johnston county. R.R. Dec. 8, 1801
    Caswell, Dollon of Newbern to Lemuel Hatch of Jones county, My. 21, Craven county. 
    R.R. Je. 2, 1801
    Caswell, Sally R of Raleigh to Grove Wright of Greenville, My. 14. R.R. Je. 9, 1801
    Craig, Alexander to Jane Strayhorn, Je. 11, Orange county. R.R. Je. 30, 1801
    Daniel, William of Raleigh to Kitty Hicks, Feb. 5, Wake county. R.R. Feb. 10, 1801
    Dickson, Capt. William of Ashe county to Peggy McDowell, Je. 4, Burke county. 
    R.R. Jly. 7, 1801
    Eaton, John R. of Granville county to Miss Sommerville, Sept. 15, Granville county. 
    R.R. Sept. 22, 1801
    Grove, William B. of Fayetteville to Sally Shepard of Orange county, Aug. 11. R.R. Aug 18, 1801
    Henderson, Archibald of Salisbury to Sally Alexander of Mecklenburg county, Aug. 
    R.R. Aug. 18, 1801
    Jennings, Mrs. Ann to Thomas Jennings, Oct. 29, Wilmington. R.R. Nov. 10, 1801
    Jones, Hardy to Peggy Meairs, Feb. 26, Raleigh. R.R. Mar. 3, 1801
    Lowthrop, Jane to John S Pasteur, Apr., Newbern. R.R. Apr. 21, 1801
    Macon, Miss of Warren county to William Martin of Granville county, Nov. Warren county. 
    R.R. Nov. 17, 1801
    Massenburg, Dr. Gargiel of Raleigh to Nancy Brier of Franklin county, Dec. 24, Franklin county. 
    R.R. Dec. 29, 1801
    Murphey, A.D. of Hillsborough to Jane Scott of Orange county, Nov. 12, Orange county. 
    R.R. Nov. 17, 1801
    Nichols, John to Polly Thompson, Oct. 25, Wilmington R.R. Nov. 3, 1801
    Nixon, Polly to Alexander Torrans, Mar. 12, Newbern. R.R. Mar. 24, 1801
    Osborne, Mr. of Salisbury to Harriet Walker of Wilmington, Dec. 18, Wilmington. R.R. Jan. 20, 1801
    Polk, Col. William of Raleigh to Sally Hawkins, Jan. 1, Warren county. R.R. Jan. 6, 1801

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