Article from Carolina Federal Republican July 21, 1810

    Submitted by Sloan Mason

    Carolina Federal Republican 
    July 21, 1810
    Communication-For the information of the friends and relations of the following persons who were
    enlisted in North Carolina, and arrived at New-Orleans under the command of Captain John 
    M'Clelland, the printer of the WIlmington paper is requested to publis as follows:
    Died, in May, Samuel Tildsley, of Lenior county.
    In July, John Baizin, of Duplin county.
    In October-William Kerr, of New Hanover--George Earnest, of Rowan--Solomon Knowles, of 
    Duplin--Larry Rovals of Sampson--Walter Dyson of Bladen.
    In November--Isham Ammony, of Cumberland--Elisha Blunt, of Duplin--John Grimes, of 
    Bladen--Lazarus Crawford, of Wayne--James Carrol, of Sampson--Wm. Hatton, of Greene.
    In December--William Harvell, of New Hanover--William Holland, of Sampson--John Collins, of 
    Rowan--Wm. Eaves, of Fredericksburg, Virginia.
    There are others of the company who have died, but not of the vicinity of Wilmington, and I deem it
    unnecessary to publish their names---Wilmington Gaz.

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