History of Warsaw

Contributed by Carol Robinson

Warsaw was originally know as Mooresville and later changed to Duplin Depot.  The 
community was settled abou 1825. In 1838, Thaddeus D. Love of Wilmington, 
conductor on the first train that ran through the crossroads community, moved here.  
He was familiar with the popular novel by Jane Porter called "Thaddeus of Warsaw". 
His friends started calling him "Thaddeus of Warsaw".  The name appealed to the 
few residents, that in 1855 the community was incorporated and the name was 
changed to Warsaw.  There were about 20 residents at that time, three general 
merchandise stores and a combination store/post office in town.
The high point of Warsaw was the college which was built in 1856 and under the 
supervision of the Baptist denomination.  It was a coeducational school facing College 
Street and there were many boarders from Duplin, Sampson, Wayne, New Hanover 
and Brunswick Counties.  In addition, religion played a major part in the town's early 
history.  The Baptist Church was erected in 1856 and was the only church in the town 
for years. In 1884 a Presbyterian Church was built and later the Methodist Church was 
built.  Warsaw is a thriving community today with its economy supported by industry, 
business and agriculture.

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