U.S. Freedmen Bureau Records

    Transcribed by Kim McLeod

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    Duplin County 
    September 28th 1865
    Complaints of certain citizens of Duplin Co against one Edmund Newkirk 
    & Ben Wells
    Refered to Mr. Middleton
    Agent Bureau
    We the undersigned hereby certify that we are citizens residing in the 
    neighborhood of Mrs. Mary Ann Wells and that the customary rent of land 
    has always been one half of the production for swamp land and one third 
    for upland and we farther certify that Edmund Newkirk and Ben Wells never 
    belonged on the plantation and that the land never was rented to them by 
    Mrs. Wells or by her deceased husband but was rented by Mr. Wells to 
    their families; we also certify that we are well acquainted with Mrs. Wells 
    and that she is a worthy lady with eight helpful children;  we also certify that 
    we have been informed that Mrs. Wells has fed three negro women and 
    twelve children free of any charge the whole summer.
    William Usher			M. K. Devane
    Lucius P. Kelly
    Edwin L. Usher
    J. W. Wells
    J. F. Taylor
    Geo Gellitt
    Executive Department
    Raleigh, NC June 1 18
    Bagley Wm H.
    Private Secretary
    Encloses list of destitute persons of Duplin Co with reference to their having 
    rations provided by the U.S. Govt
    2 enclosures
    State of North Carolina
    Executive Department
    Raleigh ___________18______
    Capt. H. H. Foster
    Asst. Supt. (illegible) R.F. & A.Sr.
    Magnolia, N.C.
    In obedience to suggestions from Col. Barnford, Astg. Comm. Ben. R. F. and A. Sr. 
    from this State, I am instructed by the Governor to transmit a Copy of the Report of 
    the Chairman of Warden Court of Duplin County, reciting the number of the indigent 
    of that County desiring to draw rations from the Bureau, to you for your action therein.
    Very Respectfully
    Your Obt. Servant
    Wm. H. Bagley
    Private Secretary
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