Descendants of William Robinson, Sr.

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    Descendants of William Robinson, Sr.
    Generation No. 1
    1. WILLIAM1 ROBINSON, SR. was born Bef. 1743, and died Aft. 1790.
    Notes for WILLIAM ROBINSON, SR.:
    In 1782, Jesse Johnston sold a piece of his father's, William Johnston's, 
    estate to William Robinson. William Robinson and William Robinson, Jr. 
    were both witnesses to a number of Johnston deeds. William Robinson,
    probably Jr., witnessed the undated will of William Johnston (2nd generation). 
    However, there is not enough evidence to prove that William Robinson married 
    the daughter of William Johnston. Both William Robinson, Sr. and William 
    Johnston lived on Six Runs Creek.
    There are 2 William Robinsons and a William Robinson Jr. listed on the 1790 
    Sampson County census.
    There are 2 William Robinsons, age 26-45 on the 1800 Sampson County 
    census. The families of both younger William Robinson's are known, but it is 
    unclear which younger William Robinson family should be listed in this report.
    Despite the fact that there were 2 William Robinsons in 1790, all deeds quoted 
    here mention Six Runs Creek and therefore all deeds appear to belong to the 
    subject of this report.
    William Robinson and William Robinson, Jr. are listed on the same 1790 
    census page as Joshua Johnston.
    Further notes on Johnston: As shown from Sampson deed records, Jesse 
    Johnston sold portions of his
    father's, William Johnston's, land to Jacob Johnston and Joel Johnston in 
    1778, and to William Robinson in 1782.
    Jacob Johnston purchased 150 acres, Joel Johnston purchased 100 acres, 
    and William Robinson purchased 150 acres. The "land was part of a tract of 
    400 acres granted to Thomas Devane by patent dated 20 May 1741 and
    Conveyed to John Rackly by the said Thomas Devaughan by deed bearing 
    date (11 June 1763) and conveyed to the aforesaid William Johnston deceased 
    by ... John Rackly by deed bearing date (11 October 1765) which said land 
    descended to the said Jesse Johnston being heir at law to my father the 
    aforesaid William Johnston deceased."
    All quoted Sampson-Duplin deeds are from "Abstracts Sampson-Duplin Deeds, 
    Books 1-3, 1750 to 1774" by Max R. Peterson Jr., "Abstracts Samptson-Duplin 
    Deeds, books 4-6, 1762 to 1779" by Max R. Peterson Jr., and
    "Abstracts Sampson-Duplin and Sampson County Deeds, books 7-9, 1780 to 
    1794" by Max R. Peterson Jr.:
    Sampson-Duplin deeds - Book 1, page 427:
    William Atkeison to William Robinson (a trader), dated 24 March 1763, Trans: 
    12 pounds for 100 acres "in the Fork of the Six Runs and Coheary," Deed 
    mentions the bridge, Land was part of a tract granted to Charles Gavin by 
    patent dated 5 Octoer 1751.
    Witnesses: Drewry Atkeison and Phebe Vann.
    Sampson-Duplin deeds - Book 3, page 250:
    George Jamason to William Robinson (a "trader) of Bladen County). Dated: 
    24 February 1762, Trans: 60 pounds for 100 acres "On the West of the Six 
    Runs and in the fork of Coheary and the Six Runs." Deed mentions
    Pole Bridge Branch and "the Bridge," Land was the "Other plantation in the 
    Occupation of William Grantham and by him conveyed to the said George
    Witnesses: John Treadwell and William Vann.
    Deed was proven or acknowledged in court in May 1762.
    Sampson-Duplin deeds - Book 3, page 592:
    Mary Grantham to William Robinson (Mary Grantham was "otherwise Mary 
    Vann" and a widow.) Dated: 4 November 1774, Trans: 5 pounds for 100 
    acres "on the West side of the six Runs and in the fork of Cohary and
    the six Runs...Being part of a tract of land formerly granted to Charles 
    Gavin." Deed mentions "Poll Bridge Branch," and "the Bridge," Tract was 
    "the land and plantation in the occupation of the said William Robinson
    which said land was made over to William Law by deed by Joseph Bevan 
    and by the said William Lee (sic) made over to Mary Grantham by the name 
    of Mary Vann by deed bearing date "13 Dedember 1760.
    2 19 June 2008 10:04 AM
    Witnesses: Henry Vann and Robert Robins.
    William Robinson is mentioned in a deed from Edmond Matthis to William 
    Vann dated 18 July 1774 (That's all it says "he was mentioned.")
    Sampson-Duplin deeds - Book 4, page 156:
    William Atkeison to William Robinson. Dated: 19 July 1768. Trans: 45 
    pounds for 200 acres "on the East side of the Six Runs between leas and 
    John Racklye land."
    Witnesses: Felix Kenan and Robert Balnshard.
    Deed was acknowledged at Edenton in May of 1767.
    Sampson-Duplin deeds - Book 6, page 181:
    William Vann to William Robinson. Dated: 3 March 1778. Trans: 250 
    pounds for 200 acres "on the East side of the Six Runs beginning at a pine 
    in the Piney woods." Deed mentions William Johnston, "his own lands," and
    Michael's Branch. Land was grantd to Edmund Matthis by patent dated 24 
    May 1773 and sold by him to William Vann by deed dated 18 Jul 1774. 
    Wit: Henry Vann and Timothy Hatcher.
    Deed was proven or acknowledged in October Court of 1778.
    Deed was registered 20 September 1783.
    Sampson-Duplin deeds - Book 5, page 379:
    William Robinson (a merchant) to Matthew Stevens. Dated: 1 Mar 1776. 
    Trans: 20 pounds for 100 acres "on the West side of the six Runs on both 
    sides of the Tarklin Branch." Deed mentions Charles Gavin. Land was granted
    to the said William Robinson by patent dated 22 December 1768.
    Witnesses: Henry Vann and William Fryer.
    Deed was proven or acknowledge in April Court of 1777.
    Deed was registered 13 October 1778.
    Sampson-Duplin deeds - Book 6, page 249: William Robinson (Robeson) 
    to William Vann. Dated: 8 September 1778. Trans:  pounds 
    for two tracts of land. First tract consisted of 100 acres "on the West(?) 
    side of the six Runs and in the fork of Cohary and the six Runs." William 
    Robinson owned the land by virtue of a deed from George Jameson dated 
    24 September 1762. Second tract consisted of 100 acres "in the fork of
     and adjoining the abovesaid tract." Deed mentions Gavin's back 
    line. Wit: William Robinson and Robert Rollilns. A Receipt follows the deed.
    Deed was registered 25 Septemer 1783.
    Sampson-Duplin Deeds, Book 7, page 468:
    Jesse Johnston to William Robinson - 21 Sept 1782 - 30 pounds "good 
    and lawfull money of the State" for 150 acres "On the South side of a 
    branch of Black River now Called the Six Runs Beginning ... near the 
    Six Runs Thomas Herringtons Corner." The tract adjoined "his Own 
    land" and was "taken out of a tract of land Containing (400) acres of land 
    granted to Thomas Devaughn of New Hanover County Bearing date (20 May 
    1740) it Being the land and plantation Now in my Occupation."
    Witnesses: William (Will) Robinson, Jr. and Joel Johnston.
    Sampson-Duplin Deeds Witnessed by William Robinson:
    William Grantham to William Vann, 23 Oct 1764
    Jesse Herrick to Robert Hatcher, 6 Aug 1766
    John Rogers to John Rackley, date blank
    Job Rogers to William Toler, registered 10 Apr 1789
    John Herring to John McGee, 17 Nov 1757
    Joseph Register to William Vann, 10 Oct 1772
    Daniel Fowler to John Pridgen, 22 Apr 1774
    William Stewart(of Bladen) to Solomon Johnson, 17 Oct 1768
    James Richie to William Grantham, 7 Sep 1769
    Nathan Tyler to Mary Boykin (spinster), 18 Oct 1769
    James Cook to Benjamin Register, 9 Jan 1771
    John Sampson (esq.) to James Sampson (his nephew), 16 Jul 1768
    Daniel Hilburn to Benjamin Reigster, 27 Mar 1771
    John Pridgen to Joshua Rackly, 19 Feb 1771
    Benjamin Blackburn to James West (Bladen Co.), 11 Jul 1771
    3 19 June 2008 10:04 AM
    James West to Jacob Warren, 20 Apr 1773
    John Wallford to Jacob Warren, 8 Oct 1773
    David Harvell to William Fryer, 3 Oct 1776
    William Robinson to William Vann, 8 Sep 1778 (witnessed by William 
    Robinson - probably son)
    Matthew Johnston (of New Hanover) to Michael Merritt, 14 Feb 1794
    James Peacock (of Cumberland Co.) to John Treadwell, Sr., 16 Jan 1794
    Joseph Register, Sr. to Thomas Register, 29 Sep 1780
    William Harvill (Howell) to William Johnston, 5 Oct 1782 - Wit: William 
    Robinson Sr., & William Robinson, Jr.
    Jesse Johnston to William Robinson, 21 Sep 1782 - Wit: William (Will) 
    Robinson Jr.
    Solomon Johnston to Ephraim Johnston, 18 Oct 1783
    The following patents are from:
    Margaret M. Hofmann, Print-Tech, Inc., Ann Arbor, Michigan, 1984, 
    purchased from Margaret M. Hofmann, $42.00
    150 pg. 161 WILLIAM ROBINSON - 16 April 1765 - 500 acres in Duplin on the 
    E. side of the Six Runs, joining the bank of the Creek, the Great Meadow, 
    Johnstons line, Robinsons own lines, and Atkinsons lines.
    916 pg. 309 WILLIAM ROBINSON - 26 September 1766 - 395 acres in 
    Duplin on the E. side of the Six Runs, joining (a point) above Robinsons own 
    land and the bank of the creek.
    1432 pg. 404 THOMAS RODGERS - 23 December 1768 - 350 acres in Duplin 
    between the six runs and Clear run near WILLIAM ROBINSON, joining 
    SOLOMON JOHNSTON and Horse pen Branch.
    4616 pg. 265 EDMUND MATHIS - 24 May 1773 - 200 acres in Dup;in on the 
    E. side of the Six Runs Creek, joining the Piney Woods, WILLIAM JOHNSTON, 
    WM. ROBINSON, Michael's branch, and the side of the sd. creek.
    6985 pg. 324 WILLIAM ROBINSON - 22 December 1768 - 100 acres in Duplin 
    on the W. side of the six Runs on both sides of the Tarr kiln Branch, joining 
    CHARLES GAVIN and the sd. creek.
    8335 pg. 6 WILLIAM ROBINSON - 22 July 1774 - 150 acres in Duplin on the 
    E. side of the six Runs, joining Robinsons own Land and the mouth of Michaels 
    The following court records are from:
    A Portrait Of Eighteenth Century Sampson County as revealed by Sampson 
    County Courty Minutes 1784-1800.
    Compiled and Edited by Oscar M. Bizzell and Virginia L. Bizzell for The 
    Sampson County Historical Society.
    Post Office Box 384, Newton Grove, NC 28366. Copyright 1995.
    Page 4 - 20 Sep 1784, DEEDS, A deed from William Robinson to Timothy 
    Hatcher for 200 acres was proved in open court by the oath of William Vann 
    and ordered to be registered.
    NOTE: Based on the entries below, it appears the "other William Robinson" 
    on the 1790 Sampson census is the son of George Robinson.
    Page 66 - 14 Aug 1787, ROBINSON ESTATE: William Robinson prays letters 
    of administration on the estate of his deceased father and it is granted. He 
    tenders William Vann, Esquire, George Bell, Sr., and Jonathan Parker as
    his sureties who are approved. Ordered they enter into bond in the sum of 
    5000 pounds. Bond filed. The said William Robinson came into court and 
    took the oaths by law required.
    Page 79 - 13 May 1788, ROBINSON ESTATE: The committee appointed 
    last court to divide the estate of George Robinson, deceased, amongst his 
    representatives not having made a report of their proceedings on
    account of their not having met, it is ordered that Jonathan
    Parker, Thomas Register and William Vann, Esquires, be a committee to 
    divide the estate of the said deceased and make report thereof to the next 
    1790, Sampson County NC census:
    4 19 June 2008 10:04 AM
    William Robinson
    1 male > 16
    1 male < 16
    1 female
    5 slaves
    Next door neighbors are Biggers Mobley and Absalom Merritt.
    Joshua Johnston is 15 households further down the page.
    William Robinson Jr. is 17 households further down the page.
    Child of WILLIAM ROBINSON, SR. is:
    i. WILLIAM2 ROBINSON, JR., b. December 1764, Duplin County, NC.
    Notes for WILLIAM ROBINSON, JR.:
    William Robinson gave testimony for the Revolutionary War pension of 
    Timothy Hatcher in 1833. Timothy Hatcher was a close neighbor of 
    William Robinson based on the 1790 census and as shown in deeds. 
    William Robinson's birth can be estimated as Dec 1764 based on the 
    below pension abstract.
    State of North Carolina, Sampson County
    "On this the 29th day of November 1833 ... personally appeared William 
    Robinson a resident of said county of Sampson aged sixty eight years 
    last December who being first duly sworn doth on his oath depose and 
    say, that he is acquainted with Timothy Hatcher the aforesaid applicant 
    a resident of New Hanover county N.C who is very aged, ....."
    William Robinson Jr.
    1 male > 16
    9 slaves
    Next door neighbors are James Robinson and David Rainer.

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