The three WEST brothers from NC enumerated 1850 Baker County, GA[1] turned out to be not brothers at all but uncles and nephew[2]. Gibson and William were brothers[3], James E[4]. was their nephew[5]. Gibson born NC ca 1792 died Mitchell County, GA December 1869[6]. William born NC ca 1790 died Baker County, GA prior to 6 October 1857[7]. James E. born NC ca 1804 died probably Bridge Creek, Colquitt County, GA after 1880[8]. Gibson and his wife were in Burke Co., GA about1817[9]. William, his wife Anna Jane[10], and three other persons in household were in Burke Co., GA in time to be enumerated on the census of 1820[11]. After living in Burke County for more than ten years, William moved with his family to Baker County, GA[12] in the early 1830’s. Gibson moved to Baker County between 1847[13] and the time of the census enumeration in 1850. James E. was first enumerated as head of household 1840 Baker County, GA[14]. Immediate neighbors of James E. 1840 were Henry CROSBY, John ADAMS, James M. ROBINSON, Parris BUTLER, Richmond LEVINS, William WEST and Samuel SELLARS. James lived between Parris BUTLER and James M. ROBINSON.




The research goal of this paper is to identify the father of James E. WEST by tracking Gibson WEST, a proved uncle of James E. WEST. Since Gibson was such an unusual WEST given name, it was decided Gibson would surely be easier to track than the many James and William WESTs of Bladen, Duplin and Sampson Counties. From the widow’s pension application papers of Anna Jane Thomas WEST[15] it was learned that the father of James E. WEST was an older brother of William and Gibson. The purpose of the NC search is to locate and identify the birth family of Gibson and William WEST and by so doing to identify their older brother who was the father of James E. WEST. 




            While conducting research in the Duplin County courthouse another researcher [16] located a Duplin County Court Record of Gibson WEST[17]. She was kind enough to forward that record to me. The Duplin County search for parentage of James E. WEST  (by tracking Gibson WEST) began with that record.


October 1808, Duplin County, NC, Gibson WEST[18] was declared by a Duplin County Grand Jury to be an orphan under twenty one years of age with no visible means of support. The persons with whom Gibson was living were ordered to appear in the next session of court in order to make provisions for Gibson[19]. Duplin original court minutes were searched for the next three court sessions and no other mention was found of Gibson WEST[20]. There are no extant bastardy bonds for this time period in Duplin County[21]. In the Duplin Court Minutes, 1784-1816, there is no further mention of Gibson WEST[22]. As further study would show, there were quite a few Duplin County records located on WEST men named William, one of whom was Gibson’s brother.


Two WEST families were enumerated in the Duplin County census of 1800. A Samuel WEST[23] household was composed of two males 16-26, one male 45 and up, 1 female 16-26. The household of Delila (sometimes spelled Delilah) WEST[24] was composed of 1 male under 10, 1 male 10-16, 1 male 16-26, 1 female 10-16, 1 female 16-26 and 1 female 45 and up.


Four WEST families were enumerated Duplin County 1810. Delila WEST[25] was head of household with household composition of 1 male under 10; 1 male 10-under 16; 2 females 16-under 26; and 1female 45 and up. Samuel WEST’s[26] household consisted of 3 males under 10, 1 male 26 and under 45 and 1 female 16 and under 26. In the James WEST[27] household of 1810 there were 2 males under 10; 1 male 16-under 26; 1 male 45 and up; 1 female under 10 and 1 female 16-under 26. Daniel WEST[28] lived next door to James in 1810 and Daniel’s household was composed of 1 male 16-under 26; 2 females under 10 and 1 female 16-under 26.


Delila of the 1800 and 1810 Duplin County census has not been found on later census records of the county.[29] Other than the tax record of 1808, no further record has been found of a Samuel WEST, listed by name, who was more than 45 years of age in 1800[30]. Since Delila WEST’s households of both 1800 and 1810 had males of an age to have been Gibson, William and the unknown older brother of William, it was decided to look at WEST records of Duplin County, from its creation to about 1840. (Gibson and William WEST were in Burke County, GA 1820[31]; James E. was in Baker County, GA as head of household by 1840[32].)


No WEST family has been found on the Duplin County population census of 1820[33]. 


Statewide Marriage Bond Index search yielded no Delila WEST[34]. There were no land records found for Delila WEST. The abstracts of deeds for Duplin County, NC[35] yielded no information; nor did a hands-on search of Register of Deeds records in Kenansville, NC[36]. There are no extant newspapers for Bladen, Duplin or Sampson Counties, NC prior to 1890[37]. Feme sole status and divorce records[38] were checked and Delila was found in neither. Searches of the records of Wardens of the Poor[39] revealed no WEST records. Since Delila was enumerated as head of household, she could have acted in her own right, either as widow, single female over 21, or by having declared feme sole status. If Delila did any transaction of any nature in her own name, in Duplin County during the time period of study, no record of that transaction has been found. 


Following is a listing of some of the WEST records found in Duplin County.


In 1770 a William WEST witnessed the Duplin County will of one Richard WILLIAMS[40]. A male could witness a deed at age fourteen[41], but that may not apply to being witness to a will; therefore, for purposes of this study, this particular William will be considered as having been born circa 1749. Richard was noted in the will as “being of Southampton”. Other witnesses were Leucey HEDGPETH and Bennett BIRDSONG. Although the elder Samuel WEST lived among many WILLIAMS families[42], searches of Duplin records revealed no additional connection of Richard to Leucey HEDGEPETH, Bennett BIRDSONG or to William WEST. 


John DOLLAR[43] in 1777 sold forty acres to William WEST so we know this William was at least twenty-one years of age that year. His birth year then, would have been circa 1756. The only legal description of the land William purchased is the reference to land along John STEPHENS’s plantation and along the patent line[44]. No land transaction has been found that shows William disposed of those forty acres[45].


A William served in a militia group during the Revolutionary War[46]. Two William WEST men were enumerated on the Duplin tax list of 1783[47]. One William WEST was listed in the tax assessments of the company of Captains TOOLE, WARD and PIPKINS[48] and the other William WEST was listed in the tax assessments of Captains STALLING and WALLER’S[49] Companies.


On 22 April 1789, Jacob SELLERS gave a deed of sundries to “WEST’s children”[50] but no deed has ever been found. Asa SUTTON proved the deed in open court[51]. Jacob was enumerated two houses from Delila WEST on the Duplin census of 1810[52]. He lived in the immediate neighborhood of William WEST 1783[53].


There are no extant Duplin Tax Rolls 1790-1806[54]. Beginning, then, with 1806:  James WEST was taxed on one white poll 1806, no land; Daniel WEST was taxed on one white poll, 1806, no land. 1807 James and Daniel each owned 100 acres and each was taxed on one white poll. 1808 Samuel WEST was found on the Duplin tax list as owner of 100 acres with no polls[55]. On the Duplin County tax list of 1811 are found William WEST, 136 acres[56]; Samuel WEST 106 acres[57]; James WEST 140 acres[58] and Daniel WEST 160 acres[59]. No record has been found that either of these men purchased the land, nor has any will or deed has been found showing these men inherited the land. In 1812, James had 100 acres[60] and Daniel had 160 acres[61]. Samuel and William were not found on the Duplin tax lists of 1812. 1813 James and Daniel owned 100 acres of land each; 1814 no WEST families could be located on the filmed tax rolls; James WEST in 1815 owned 100 acres and Samuel WEST owned 100 acres. 1818 found only James WEST on the tax rolls, with 100 acres valued at 150—the tax roll does not show whether the 150 was pounds or dollars.


Three KNOWLES/WEST records have been found among the Duplin Court Minutes. (1) 22 January 1806 Elizabeth KNOWLES was called before the Grand Jury [62]: “Grand Jury reported that sundry orphan children in this county are suffering and likely to be bed up in illness; Jean MILLER & Dolly MILLER orphans of Robert MILLER, deceased; Obby KNOWLES orphan of Elizabeth KNOWLES; Scott BRAY living on Maxwell; ordered clerk issue citations bringing them to next court that they may be provided for”. (2) 1814 Elizabeth KNOWLES charged William WEST with paternity of her child for which William posted a bond[63]. In 1816, Elizabeth KNOWLES charged William WEST with two years back payment of child support, $43[64].


The William WEST who fathered the child of Elizabeth KNOWLES has not been identified beyond the name in the court records[65]. It is unknown whether that William WEST of the 1814 and 1816 Court records, was also the father of Obby KNOWLES. It is unclear as to whether there were two children or just Obby. Did Elizabeth give birth to a child after the birth of Obby? Unfortunately, the Court did not cite the child’s name for whom William WEST acknowledged paternity by posting a bond. Nor did the Court name that child when in 1816 Elizabeth sued William for non-payment of two years’ support. Perhaps all this information would be contained in bastardy bonds that are not available for that time period of Duplin history[66]. 


 A William WEST is listed on the Duplin Tax List of 1811[67] as having 136 acres of land. William possibly inherited the land as there is neither deed nor will showing William as grantee. The only other known William WEST of that time period in Duplin County was born about 1810[68], probably a son of James WEST. That William could not possibly have owned 136 acres 1811 nor could he have served in the War of 1812. He did not father Elizabeth KNOWLES’ child when he, William, was only four years old. No Duplin County record of the William WEST who bought the forty acres from John DOLLAR was found after 1783.


William, brother of Gibson, entered service Duplin County, 25 July 1812, Captain

Bryan GLISSON’s Company, and was discharged 21 October 1812[69] after serving eighty-nine days. This William was the William WEST who married Anna Jane THOMAS Bladen County, NC August 1814[70].


Land records of Duplin County have been searched through 1860 for both WEST and known allied family lands. No record has been found that shows the four WEST men of the 1811 tax list as either grantees or grantors to the lands on which they were taxed; to date no record of their having sold the land has been found. No land division or petition to partition record[71] is extant for that period of Duplin County history.


To summarize: William WEST of this study, brother of Gibson, had either inherited or been given, by 1811, 136 acres of land in Duplin County from an unknown, at present, source; joined the Duplin militia 1812, was discharged 89 days later; married Anna Jane THOMAS in Bladen County and left for GA arriving Burke County in time to be enumerated on that county’s census of 1820. No record of William’s disposal of the 136 acres has been found. Was this the William WEST that Elizabeth KNOWLES charged with paternity of her child? In 1806 when Obby KNOWLES was named as Elizabeth KNOWLES’ orphan by the Grand Jury, this William WEST would have been about sixteen years old. However, in 1814 he would have been about 24 years old. In view of the fact no other William WEST has been found in Duplin 1814, of an age to father a child, the evidence points toward this William as father of the un-named child of Elizabeth KNOWLES. After his marriage to Anna Jane in Bladen County, 1814, did the couple return to live in Duplin on William’s 136 acres? Although it is known they were in GA prior to the arrival of Gibson WEST[72], at this time there is no record of just when William and Anna Jane left NC and arrived in GA.


It is possible a William WEST from another county was the father of Elizabeth’s child.


The 1808 court record showing Gibson as an orphan is to date the only Duplin County record found of Gibson WEST. In 1814, he enlisted in Captain John DuBose’s Company of SeaFencibles, Elizabethtown, Bladen County, NC. A Samuel WEST[73] also served in the SeaFencibles with Gibson. 21 March 1815, Gibson was discharged Beacon Island, NC[74]. He returned to Bladen County where he and Musgrove JONES witnessed a deed in May 1815[75]. No further NC record of Gibson WEST has been found. There were letters waiting for Gibson at the Burke County, GA post office 1817[76]. Gibson and family were enumerated Burke County on the population census of 1820[77].


Samuel WEST born probably Duplin County late 1780’s moved to Bladen County by 1821 where he obtained a land grant of fifty acres on Lyon Swamp[78]. Was Samuel the heretofore unknown, older brother of Gibson and William WEST; therefore the father of James E. WEST? Is this Samuel of Duplin the Samuel who served with Gibson in the SeaFencibles, War of 1812[79]? If this Samuel was the older brother of William and Gibson, why was not Gibson a Duplin landowner as were both Samuel and William? Additional discussion of this Samuel WEST will be found in the Bladen County section of this paper.


James WEST was born Duplin County ca 1785[80]. Daniel WEST was probably born Duplin County, NC ca 1786. Search of Sampson County census of 1850 might reveal the birthplace of Daniel. By 1816[81] Daniel was buying and selling land in Sampson County.


James E. WEST was married NC ca 1830[82]. Eliza, his first known child, was born NC December 1831[83]. James E. and his family were enumerated on the Baker County, GA population census of 1840[84]. To date no NC record has been found to prove James E. WEST ever lived in NC.


Present hypothesis is that Daniel and James were heirs of Samuel WEST the elder. Since the elder Samuel was not enumerated on the Duplin census of 1790, his family composition is unknown before the census of 1800[85]. At that 1800 enumeration, Samuel had two males ages 16-under 26 living in his household. Samuel, the elder, was last enumerated by name on the Duplin census of 1800. In the James WEST household of 1810, it is probable that Samuel was the 45 years and upwards male therein enumerated. Note, too, that in 1807 both Daniel and James owned one hundred acres of land but in 1806 neither was a landowner. For hypothetical purposes, Samuel, the elder, died after the census enumeration of 1810. He began disposing of his lands 1807 by giving them to his heirs, Daniel and James.


Establishing parentage of Daniel, James, Samuel, William and Gibson is to be the next step in this search.


            During the time period of this study, one WEST of Duplin County remains to be presented. James WEST moved to Duplin County by 1772[86] and was last taxed in Duplin County 1783[87]. This James WEST (not to be confused with the James WEST born Duplin County ca 1785) was born ca 1725. When Sampson County was formed, James born ca.1725 was cut into that County. He was listed on that county’s first tax list of 1784[88] as owner of 450 acres. At present it is not known when and where James died.


Brittain WEST, son of the James being discussed, identified in his will his siblings and most of their spouses. Brittain wrote his will 8 November 1828, Perry County, MO[89]. On 6 April 1829[90] the witnesses to Brittain’s will went to court to have the will probated. Portions of Brittain’s will are here transcribed with original wording and grammar exactly as written:


In the name of God, Amen. I, Brittain WEST of the state of Missouri and county of Perry being weak in body but of sound mind and disposing memory and being desirous to settle my business distribute my worldly substance wherewith it has pleased God to bless me do make ordain and establish this instrument to be my last will and testament in manner and form as follows. That is to say:

Item 6: I will and bequeath to my beloved nephew, Brittain WEST, son of Isham WEST eighty acres of land which I hold in the state of Indiana, Warrick County—to him his heirs and assigns forever. Also I will and bequeath (should it ever be collected) a Judgement I have against Joseph E. FORESS to my beloved brother Isham West his heirs and assigns. 

Item 7: I will and bequeath to my brother James West one dollar to him his heirs and assigns.

Item 8: I will and bequeath to my sister Patience West (now wife of James Parker) one dollar to her and him their heirs and assigns.

Item 9: I will and bequeath to my sister Anna West (now wife of Thos. Alford) one dollar to her and him their heirs and assigns. 

Item 10: I will and bequeath to my sister Lucretia West (now wife of McKinney Sole) one dollar to her and him their heirs and assigns.

Item 11: I will and bequeath to my brother William West one dollar to him his heirs.

Item 12: I will and bequeath to my brother Willis West one dollar to him his heirs.

Item 13: I will and bequeath to my sister Delilah West (now wife of Elmore Carter) one dollar to her and him their heirs and assigns.

Item 14: I will and bequeath to my sister Mary West (now wife of James Barker) one dollar to her and to him their heirs.

Item 15: I will and bequeath to my sister Margaret West (now wife of Wm. Bass) one dollar to her and to him their heirs.

Item 16: I will and bequeath to my brother Joel West one dollar to him his heirs.

Item 17: I will and bequeath to my sister Celia West (now wife of Joseph Sole) one dollar to her and to him their heirs.


            The purpose of printing excerpts from the will of Brittain WEST is to isolate one James WEST from among the several of Bladen, Duplin and Sampson Counties, NC by positively identifying his children and their spouses. It is hoped this will prevent confusing the WEST families of this paper and WEST families of Bladen, with the children of James WEST who are identified in Brittain’s will. The James WEST of the 1790 Bladen census is the brother that was named in Brittain’s will. Children of the Bladen James include James, William, Willis, Sarah and John. Further discussion of this family will be done in the Bladen and Sampson Counties portion of this study.


            A follow-up article on the WEST families of Duplin County will be done as further information perhaps answers some of the questions raised by the records presented in this paper. This article is excerpted from a larger work which will be published 2001. The study is of WEST records, 1750-1850, Bladen, Duplin and Sampson Counties, NC. A copy of this part of the paper is donated to the Duplin County Historical Society.


A copy of this portion of the paper is donated to Chalmer W. WEST.



More Information? Discussion? Fran Powell





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