Sullivan Family letters and photos

Sullivan Family letters and photos

Transcribed by David B Dunn Here is a letter from George Ivey Brock of Kennansville to Girtie Sullivan at Orland California. This letter was sent to me by Clegg Grady. He received it from Leland Sullivan the grandson of Merrill Sullivan. Also I added who the people were that are mentioned in the letter. THE FOLLOWING IS A LETTER TO MERRILL SULLIVAN FROM GEORGE IVEY BROCK DATED APRIL 2, 1931 Dear Cousin Girtie; Will take the greatest pleasure in writing to you all. This leaves us all well at this time. Sure hope you are all well and getting along fine. Well as I donít reckon you will know who I am unless I tell you. I am Uncle Marels Sister Winnieís younger son. I have a wife and six children. 4 girls and 3 boys. I am living on part of your old Grandfather Elisha Sullivanís old place in sight of the old home place. I went to see Aunt Polly last night and I went to see Aunt Lucrecia to day and they are both getting along very well. I took a girl to raise when she was little her name is Lillie Mae Summerlin age 24. My name is George Ivey Brock 50 yrs. My wife is named Sudie 49. These are my childrenís name and ages Girtie 21 yrs. old Winnie 18 Annie Mae 14 Charlie David 12 George Ivey Jr. 10 Levy Allen 6 I wrote to Uncle Marell last Summer but I havenít got any answer yet my father name was Charlie Brock and he lived to be 82 yrs old. I have 2 brothers and 1 sister living. Ransom Brock and Charlie Brock and sisters name is Ellen. I sure would be the gladest of anything to see you all but as we live so far apart I donít have any idea of ever seeing any of you. I would be some glad to see Uncle Marel but will never see him I know. I read the letter that Aunt Lucrecia got from you last week and also saw uncle Marels picture and his little grandson. Please write and let me hear from you all. Come when you all ever can and will. Will close for this time. Love and best wishes to you all. Your cousin, George I. Brock FAMILY MENTIONED IN LETTER Merill Sullivan married Gillie Ann Courtney March 29, 1868 at Jarbalo Kansas. Merrill was born Sept. 7, 1841 at Duplin County North Carolina and Died June 29, 1931 at Orland California. Gillie was born Aug. 3, 1851 at Missouri and died in 1927 at Orland California. Their Children were: Elza Elbert born Apr. 14, 1870 At Jarbalo Kansas ~ Mary Olive born Oct. 25, 1872 At Jarbalo Kansas ~ Ira Leland born June 4, 1877 At Jarbalo Kansas ~ Girtie Jane Born Dec. 21, 1879 At Jarbalo Kansas (she was the one the letter was sent to) ~ Grace Ann Feb. 28, 1882 at Levensworth Kansas ~ Elisha Ambrose born Nov. 22, 1884 at Jarbalo Kansas. Charlie Thomas Brock Married Winnifred (Winnie) Sullivan Nov. 30, 1867 at Duplin County N. C. Charlie was born July 5, 1838 and died Oct. 9, 1920. Winnifred was born Nov. 18, 1845 and died July 24, 1886. They had the following children: William Preston ~ Ellen ~ Charlie Thomas ~ Ransom ~ George Ivey (the author of this letter) ~ Kittie Elisha Sullivan Married Nancy Jane Blalock Feb 27, 1840 at Duplin County North Carolina. Elisha was born Apr. 23, 1817 and died Jan. 18, 1892. Nancy Jane Blalock was born Apr 15, 1823 and died July 10, 1911. They had the following issue: Merrill Sullivan as mentioned above Nancy Sullivan was born July 24, 1843 married (1)Reddic Jones and (2) after his death married William Green Jones. Nancy died Oct 9, 1918. Winifred Sullivan as mentioned above Sarah Sullivan Born Sept. 18, 1848 Married Jethro Jones March 31, 1867 and died Nov. 24, 1930 Mary (Polly) [Mentioned in Letter] Sullivan was born Feb. 11, 1851 Married Benjamin Jackson Dunn Oct 25, 1883 and died March 6, 1932 Lucritia Sullivan [mentioned in letter] was born June 5, 1853 married James R. Grady and died Feb. 5, 1945. Elizabeth Sullivan was born March 6, 1856 married Seth David Smith Feb. 8, 1879 and died Nov. 22, 1914 James Sullivan was born Oct 5, 1857 and died Apr. 11, 1897 Marshal Sullivan was born July 27, 1858 married (1) Adeline OíDaniel and (2) Nellie Bell and died July 22, 1926. Catherine Sullivan was born Nov 9, 1861 and died Nov 9, 1871 Martha Ellen Sullivan was born Jan. 4, 1864 married Henderson Boyette Dunn Dec. 22, 1880. (have no date of death.) Letter to Marel and wife Gillie from Elisha Sullivan This is a letter sent to me from Leland and Gennie Sullivan. Leland is a grandson of Merill Sullivan. They live in Orland California. The letter is dated Julu 17, 1888 State of North Carolina Duplin County July 17, 1888 Dear Son and Daughter I have taken my pen in hand to write you a few lines to let you no how we are. We are all as well as common at present. Through all that hadnít had the measles has had them and throws us back with our work. Marthaís baby took the measles and thrash both and died the 26 of last month. I hope these lines may reach you and find you all well and doing well. Gilly I received your letter that was dated the 24th of June and I was glad to receive it and here you all well and Jane was more than proud of her moss you sent her. Every one that sees it wants some of it. I think you had better send some more of it. Thereís one lady says she wants you to rite often and send some every time you rite. She wants enough of it to dress her hat for she knows no body about her would no what it was. Gillie you wrote wrote Marel had traded his land but you never wrote how he traded nor how far you had to move nor nothing only he had traded. We have very sorry crops about here and times hard there. Has been the greatest crop of huckelberies have that has been in a good while. They sold 2 Ĺ to 10 cents a quart. All the hirelings quit the fields and went to gathering and there is lots of corn and cotton ruined with the frost. It is hard times here now but it will be worse next year than it is now for there is so many crops ruined for the lack of work and they will now go in on dog tongue to pulling that 2 Ĺ to 3 cents a pound and its snuff tobacco and candy. Anything but to lay up something to support upon. I received a letter from Nancy last Saterday. They were well as you will see on a peace she sent to me to send to you. Gillie you said your children wanted to know how many cousins they had about here. Nancy has got one named Caledonia. Sally has five. David, Leuvenia, Felix Elisha, Samuel. The baby I donít know its name. Leuvenia is married and got one child. Lucretia has two Sarah Cathran she canít walk a step the other one is Barbary Jane. Elizabeth has three Alden, Anna, the baby is a girl not named. Martha has two Marel Jackson and George Elisha. Winne left five Willie, Ellen, Charley, Ransom and George Ivey is the names them is the living ones amongst them Nancy has lost three, Sally has lost three, Leucretia has lost one, Martha has lost two, Winne lost five and then she died. Charley is living at the same place he was when Winnie died and keeping his children with him. The youngest is going in six years old. One girl she is about grown. The oldest boy is big enough to do as much work he ever will or about so. So I will close. Write soon and all your news Elisha Sullivan Gillie I will send you a scrap of ---- of my dresses. Tell Mary Olive to send me some of her scraps so I can see what sort they are and you send some of yours and send me some more of your moss or things you just to show what there is out there that we donít know anything about would gladly excepted of. Write soon as you get this. Nancy Jane Sullivan Letter to Merril and wife Gillie from Nancy Jane Sullivan Kenansville, N. C. Feb. 26, 1908 Dear Son and Daughter, I now take the pleasure in writing you a few lines to let you hear from me. I am as well as common. I can sit up most of my time. Truly hope this will reach and find you all well. Marshall has been very sick but is mending now. He came to see me yesterday evening. All the rest are well only cold. Simson Sullivint came to see me in January and David Jones came to see me in November. Well I received the pictures all right. I guess it is Ira and his wife. I looked for a letter but did not get one so I will write and let you know I got the pictures. Elisha and Sarah has a fine young boy. His name is David Frankling. I named him. I am sitting and rocking him now. Elisha has been here ever since he was married but is talking of moving off now. The last one of Winies children is married. His name is George Brock. He married Miss Suddie Brock his cousin. Elizabeth did not have but one boy and he is married and has a fine boy. His name is Perry Smith. Sallies girls has bought them a organ and is learning to play it. Our school is up now. They had a nice entertainment they all say but I did not go to see it. Well you wrote about your Elisha weight. Martha Elisha weighs 227 lbs. I have killed all my hogs but Henderson and his boys has 19 hogs they killed. 12 this winter. They sold their cotton for $606.69. Marshell Dr. Bill was $100.70 but he has paid it. We have 18 hens now but is not getting many eggs. We have one cow and a fine calf. Merrill I wish you and your wife could come to my birthday dinner the 15 of April. All the children will be here if nothing happens. If you will just write and say you will come we will meet you at Warsaw and bring you here. I will 85 years old. Well I will close for this time. I want you to write often and let me hear from you. My love to you all. Your loving Mother Nancy Sullivent. This is a letter to Merrill Sullivan and wife Gillie from Nancy Jane Blalock Sullivan, his mother. This letter was sent to me by Leland and Gennie Sullivan of Orland California. Leland is Merrill's Grandson and the son of the Elisha mentioned in this letter. FAMILY MENTIONED IN LETTER Son and Daughter is Merrill Sullivan and Gillie Ann Courtney Married March 29, 1868. Marshall born July 27, 1858 and died July 22, 1926 was the son of Elisha and Nancy Jane Blalock Sullivan. He married Adeline OíDaniel and Nellie Bell but had no issue. Simpson Sullivan born April 6, 1848 at Mt. Olive in Wayne Co. N. C. and died October 8, 1911, was the Nephew of Elisha and Nancy. He was the son of Samuel Sullivan and Macy Venara Jones. David Jones in this case is speculative. I believe he is Nancyís grandson. In this case he was born May 30, 1868 the son of Jethro Jones and Sarah Sullivan Jones. He Married Sarah Frances Stallings born May 15, 1869. Elisha and Sarah are George Elisha Dunn and Sarah Hanna Wilkins Dunn. Elisha was born Sept. 6, 1884 and died Dec. 12, 1931. Sarah was born 27 Dec. 1886. David Franklin Dunn Born 6 Nov. 1907 married Ada Smith Dec. 15, 1919 See the letter from George Ivey Brock to Girtie Sullivan dated April 12, 1931 Your Elisha is referring to Elisha Ambrose Sullivan born Nov. 22, 1884 at Jarbolo Kansas. Marthaís Elisha is referring to George Elisha Dunn See Above. Henderson and his boys are Henderson Boyette Dunn son of Rev. George Washington Dunn and Susan Lassiter born Jan 6, 1857, married Martha Sullivan Dec. 22, 1880 and died Dec. 12, 1944. Martha was born Jan. 4, 1864 . His boys are Merril Jackson Dunn Born Oct. 18, 1881 and died June 26, 1947, George Elisha Dunn (see above), and Marsha Benjamin Dunn born July 1889 and died July 22, 1944. Mother Nancy Jane Blalock Sullivan Wife of Elisha Sullivan. Elisha was born April 23, 1817, married Nancy Blalock Feb. 27, 1840, and died Jan. 18, 1892. Nancy was born April 15, 1823 and died July 10, 1911 This is three pages of what was to be the "Retrospective Anticipation" or the Memoirs of Girtie Sullivan. She was the daughter of Merrill Sullivan and the Grandaughter of Elisha and Nancy Jane Sullivan of Duplin Co. N. C. Sadly she died before its completion. The Anticipation I think was her preminition of her death and a desire to write down some of her thoughts. These are large files, may take a few minutes to download! To be able to read them hold your mouse over the letter and then click on the little arrow box at the bottom when it pops up. That will enlarge the letter so you can read it. Girtie Jane Sullivan's Retrospective Anticipation Page 1

Girtie Jane Sullivan's Retrospective Anticipation Page 2
Girtie Jane Sullivan's Retrospective Anticipation Page 3

This is a copy of a tin type picture of Henderson Boyette Dunn and Martha Sullivan Dunn circa 1893. The Baby is my Grandmother Mattie Susan Sandlin Dunn

Picture of Henderson Dunn and Family

Tin Type

This is Rev. Felix Elisha Jones' Family. He was the son of Jethro Jones and Sarah Sullivan.
They are from left to right: David Frankin, Felix Elisha, Mamie (sitting on her fathers lap), Maggie, Addie Melinda, Betty, & Simon Westley (sitting on his Mothers lap).
This Photo was taken around 1910.

Rev. Felix Elisha Jones' Family

Rev. Felix Elisha Jones' Family

This is a photo of Merrill Sullivan taken around 1930 or early 1931 with his grandson Leland Sullivan.

Merrill & Leland Sullivan

This is a photo from tin types of Nancy Jane Blalock Sullivan and Elisha Sullivan

Nancy Jane Blalock Sullivan and Elisha Sullivan

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