Mathis Family

Mathis Family

Transcribed by Dorothy White

Edmond Mathis
Of Sampson Co. NC
Edmond Mathis, born 1723-25 Isle of Wight County Virginia, son of Ezekiel Mathis and died 
1783 in Sampson Co. NC. Edmond may have lived a while in Southampton Co. VA. where 
he owned 135 acres south of Nottaway River. He sold this land to Nathaniel Ridley 8 January, 

Edmond moved to Duplin Co. NC., and fell into the part that was formed to make Sampson Co. 
He was granted land in 1766,1770 and 1774. He died in 1783 and left his will in Duplin Co. 
It was probated in the October term of Court in 1783. He names his wife Mary as receiving the 
plantation during her lifetime or widowhood. Executors were his wife, Mary and sons, Rice and 
John Mathis. 

Edmond served in the Revolutionary War for two and a half years as a musician in Captain 
Turner's Company. He enlisted April 25, 1776 and discharged August 10, 1778.

Edmond Mathis was commissioned 29 November, 1766 as Justice of the Peace in Duplin Co. 
and served several years at that position.

Edward Fennell was appointed Administrator of Edmond Mathis's estate in Sampson County, 
Aug. 1794 and the estate was divided in 1798.

Some of the descendants of Edmond's came to Bulloch Co. GA. about 1800 and about 1825 to 
1830 to Lowndes and Berrien and Clinch Co. Georgia, and to Jackson County Mississippi about 

I have seen several different families who descend from Edmond Mathis state there were 23 
children born to Edmond Mathis. I have not seen a list of 23 children born to Edmond and Mary. 
Therefore, Mary Mathis is not believed to be the first wife of Edmond Mathis and thought to be the 
second wife.

The children birth dates are not included as I am not sure of the birth dates. If you have a family 
Bible or other legal document that list birth date, I will be glad to include on this page for others 
to use and share. That is the only way this family will ever be corrected and that is for each to 
share. Wills, Bible records, Land records, deeds or anything to help clarify family members, I will 
gladly add to these Mathis pages, so that others can benefit from your generosity.

Children of Edmond/Edmund Mathis

1. Ezekiel Mathis married Elizabeth Perritt
2. Edmond Mathis did not marry
3. John Mathis married Ruth Bell
4. Rice Mathis married Civil Goff
5. James Mathis born 11 July, 1764 NC
6. Thomas Mathis married Nancy Robinson
7. Larazus Mathis born 1772 NC., married Polly Wells 
8. Zachaes Mathis married Polly Colwell
9. Sarah Mathis married John Lanier
10. Tomsin/Tomzin Mathis married Thomas Goff
11. Sabra Mathis married William Goff
12. Mary Ann Mathis married Taylor Holloway
13. Elizabeth Mathis married Samuel Elkins
14. Jemina Mathis married Morris Fennell
15. Edith Mathis married John Register
16. Hester Mathis married Charles Gavin
17. Olive Mathis married James Rogers
Five children died young.


Thomas Mathis
Son of Edmond NC
Thomas Mathis, son of Edmond and Mary was born about 1770 and died 1826. He married Ann 
Nancy Robinson, daughter of William and Sarah Tolar Robinson of Bladen Co. NC. He moved to 
South Caroline about 1860, and had at least 10 children.

1. Rice Price Mathis, born about 1809 married Catherine A. Sykes, born 1826, daughter of John 
and Rhoda Herrington Sykes.
2. John Thomas Mathis, married Mary S. Marshburn.
3. Clayton Mathis, no information
4. Robert Mathis, no information
5. Catherine Mathis, married Clarence Herring.
6. Margianna Mathis, married Alexander Herring.
7. Stenza Mathis, married Louick Hancock.
8. Jerry James Mathis, married Emma T. Britt.
9. Eliza B. Mathis, no information.
10. William R. Mathis, no information.


James Mathis
Son of Edmond NC
James Mathis was born 11 July, 1764 Duplin co. NC., and died 1857 in Sampson Co.

James was married two times. He first married Mary Ann Newkirk who was born 22 October, 
1787 and daughter of Abraham Newkirk. He married (2) Margaret Sloan

Children of James and Mary Ann are:

1. Abraham Newkirk Mathis married Eliza Dollar
2. Edmund Folsom Mathis married Thankful Hendry
3. Fleet Cooper Mathis married Elizabeth Ballards (2) Addie Matthews
4. Lavina Jane Mathis married Thomas Matthews
5. Penelope Mathis married Archibald Henry
6. Ann Nancy Mathis married George Washington Lamb
7. Rachel Ann (twin to Lavina) died an infant
8. Thomas Beatty Mathis married Mary Jane Thankful Bordeaux
9. Ellen Catherine Mathis died an infant
10 Sarah Carolina Mathis born 13 January, 1822 married Henry Alexander

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